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How Kapture CRM Live Work updates keeps you close to every working moment?

Have you noticed, how strangely the words ‘managers & migraines’ rhymes together? It sounds like one invented the other. Doesn’t it?

Kapture Team has conclusively proved that a daily accumulation of cluttered reports at one’s inbox could be directly related to these severe headaches. Both recurring and periodic headaches are directly related to the volume of these perfectly un-structured and clueless reports.

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According to some mid-level to high-level managers we consulted, the process of segregating and consolidating reports could take anywhere between 90 -120 minutes.

When you try to solve the issue through setting-up complex Hotmail hierarchies, it makes the problem rather more complex, fails to provide clear distinction. And, now you have tailored something that was just looped together.

While work reports are an integral part of organizations, making them easy is important for both employee and employers. At the same time, it’s highly advisable not to waste bulk time at producing them.

With an aim to achieve optimal employee productivity within limited working hours, one needs a facility to produce clearly structured and easily understandable reports.

Kapture CRM Work Reports comes into play at this junction. It’s an easy way of following employee activity and work progress, within a private and secure platform.

While avoiding inbox reports clutter, you get a clearly prioritized and live reporting across-the-organization.

Now you needn’t get stuck at deciphering complex reports, but it lets you analyze and decide on clearly structured work reports and allocations.

So, how does Kapture CRM let you manage your daily activities at new efficiency levels? Here’s how!

First, make it Easier to Report Work

First and foremost, every responsible employee will want his/her employers to be aware of the impact of their work and grand productivity. Lacking an effective system, this commitment often transpires into bulky emails by the end of the day. Needless to say, it’s hurriedly overlooked without any second thoughts and ideas.

Kapture CRM’s integrated mobile-PC platform gives an easy way of updating information and creating detailed work reports.

Kapture CRM Mobile App – Introducing Smartphone Utility at a new Level

Kapture CRM mobile App

Your Smartphone could do better than being just a communication tool. It could unify and segregate all your work-related activities.

For example, consider a day in the life of field sales professional. Since morning to evening, a sales executive conducts him/herself with a beat plan (pre-determined daily sales route). With no effective means of communicating progress to the designated manager, you can easily end up with a trail of emails.

Kapture CRM Mobile App permits you to enter multiple data and take snapshots ( then available to your super-user) consistent with business and market.

Kapture CRM interface

This allows you to make accurate client reporting a part of every business correspondence. Rather than just updating randomized information, you can clearly prescribe and monitor information being entered.

Meanwhile, this process also helps you accumulate accurate client data. This data helps you derive accurate reports and analytics based on given data.

Comprehensively View and Collect Information

Every manager wants and needs to understand the pulse of his business. It comes with the following progress with each existing and potential customer.

The requisite information could be received through detailed emailing exchanges or report collection. Otherwise, you can implement Kapture CRM.

It allocates an individual ID for each client. Now you view finely segregated and detailed information about each client activity.

Kapture CRM interface

With the necessary information already communicated and grasped directly, a manager can decide on whether to spend more time quizzing employee or simply move ahead. The end result- you have time saved from both parties.

Iterate your Plans and Add New Tasks

An organization with flexibility has inherent advantages at the competitive workspace. With Kapture CRM, you integrate a philosophy of flexibility into your working order.

In a competitive environment, expecting a customer to wait for a response is an aggravating mistake. Each lost hour could let your customer be robbed by a competitor.

Kapture CRM update gives a direct overview of pending tasks and available workforce to meet those tasks.

Kapture CRM interface

In case you have any promising client meetings pending, you can also attribute it your best employee of the concerned department.

Consequently, this will be added to the end report of a specific employee.

An integrated CRM could instantly increase your employee productivity and engagement.

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