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What Is A Mobile CRM

Ever since the first caveman made a sale through a barter with his fellow caveman customer, sales has been the backbone of every company. Since early man, sales has evolved with the way we communicate, From direct mail, to cold calling and now internet advertising – the mediums through which a prospect can be reached or influenced to make a buying decision have grown. But by far the most effective way to convert a customer has been face to face selling.

If we look closely enough – each and every salesperson has the most effective sales tool ever created with him – right in his pocket. The Mobile phone is the holy grail of the perfect selling proposition. You have access to every possible selling channel at a single touch. If used correctly you could turn your smartphone into a meeting booking tool that will vastly increase your per month closes.

Too good to be true?

Think again

Smartphone Ready LMS

Definition Of A Mobile CRM

  • The Mobile CRM is a basic mobile application that can act like A CRM in a smartphone helping you manage leads, daily plans, and contacts as well as organize key information on sales, marketing and service at any time – on the go.

What Are The Features Of A Mobile CRM

Conduct All Operations From Your Smartphones

The Mobile CRM is designed to act like an office in a smartphone. If you have this device fully charged with the mobile CRM app – then you can become an unstoppable sales force. From adding client meets to your calendar to viewing your sales funnel from your phone – the mobile CRM does it all.

Data Sync While Offline

With smartphone batteries draining out faster than ever – the mobile CRM can be used to sync updated data with the central CRM even when there is no net connection available. Once the connection returns the mobile CRM will reflect all the updated data back into the Central CRM dashboard.

Route Location For Meetings

The real time location tracking feature lets sales-people route locations to potential clients – so he can maximize his outbound sales meetings. The reporting feature also lets you break down sales territory into potential locations with an ability to add criteria specific options to map your sales calls across maximum leads in minimum time.

Internal Team Collaborations With Activity Feeds And @mentions

The internal collaboration feature allows colleagues to create chat threads on the mobile CRM. They can exchange information, alert each other on upcoming appointments or even send specific targeted message with @mentions.

Daily To Do Lists

The central sales head can update the mobile CRM with tasks, specific sales routes/ sales goals for the entire team on the mobile Application. This is a great way to accelerate productivity because the sales people can just hit up their phone and get an idea of where to direct their energies on said day.

What Are The
Benefits Of A Mobile CRM

Smartphone Ready LMS

Accelerate Productivity

The daily to do lists that one can generate for the team will keep your sales team on their toes the minute they step into the office.

Smartphone Ready LMS

Product Brochures And Catalogues

Visual presentations are a great way to capture the imagination of a potential client. Products and brochures can be uploaded into the Mobile CRM. This can help your team bring an element of art into the presentation.

Smartphone Ready LMS

Point of Sale Orders

You have to strike while the iron is hot and keep striking until it stays hot. The point of sale order feature can help your team covert prospects while they display an inclination to purchase. With this feature the sales person can look at available stock into the mobile CRM and place the order from there itself.

Smartphone Ready LMS

Office In A Smartphone

Gone are the days of the laptop wielding salesman. The mobile CRM can be the ultimate tool in the salesman’s kitty. All he needs is a solid internet connection and he’s good to go.


A smart sales team is one that figure the best way to get their customers pulling out their wallet in excitement. The Mobile CRM can help you increase the odds of hitting your sales targets by assembling your team into a task force that hits the phones with an idea of whom to target and when.

The real time reporting feature can help your team map out client locations and route the best ways to hit maximum number of client offices in one trip. The product brochures are a great way to display your offerings. The internal notifications will ping your sales people with the latest leads added to your pipeline and what’s more – you can synchronize every bit of data being entered into the CRM with your central team.