ERP software


Humans have always wanted to explore the space and find a new home for us, while most of us have always aspired to set up a home in Moon. Moon is a place upon which so many stories have been told. Let’s see a story from a parallel universe where the humans successfully inhabited the moon. Well the story starts like this; in a not so faraway parallel universe, there lived men on the surface of the Moon.

Our story is about a leading business magnet, whose name was Lunar Moonilton. Mr. Lunar Moonilton ran so many successful business chains in almost all sectors. Starting from the food chain named LFC- Lunar Fried Chicken till the e-commerce websites like Moonazon, his flags flew high. All went fine in his business but the inventory management problems he faced in his e-commerce and various other business sectors were a huge hindrance for his venture to be the best businessman in the whole Moon. Lucky he, the answer to solve those issues came from our universe, more specifically our earth. The answer was ERP software for inventory management named Kapture.

ERP- Enterprise resource planning software enables you to manage the resources of your firm in a very efficient way, with utmost accuracy of utilisation of those.  When it comes to most product based businesses, where the stocks have to be stored and then distributed, there is an inevitable need for managing the inventory in a more productive way. The ERP gives you the computational advantage of co-ordination, standardization and improvised utilization of the inventory, which all collectively form the dividends of inventory management.

First and foremost factor to consider in inventory management through ERP is to have an inventory and then make sure it stores goods or resources that you do business on. The ERP software for inventory management allows you to have track on the type, count, place of storage of the goods in the inventory and delivery. That is, you know what good is available, what’s the count of availability, where it is placed, when it was placed, who placed it, to whom it is to be delivered, who is going to deliver it, was the delivery done or not, when it was delivered and all these information just a click away. All stored in a software in your mobile and could be easily retrieved in need; this is the ground breaking advantage of the ERP software.

When the information of availability of goods is with you, targets could be set in accordance to it and also decision of necessary promotions could be done relying on the supply and demand. The analyses of movements equip you with where the promotions should go and also the areas that need more of concentration to increase sales.

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