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Kapture Mobile CRM App For Hotel Management


Hotel CRM is vital to the hotel industry, even more so to chains of hotels operating either nationally or with international partnerships. Even though large hotel chains, in particular, are continuing to spend on above-the-line activities and campaigns, profitable relationships can be advanced and are in fact highly recommended.

It is proposed that hotel companies must not only identify what their target customers genuinely seek, but they should also ensure that they themselves understand the undercurrents of CRM as a strategy. Unless the rudiments of CRM are rightly understood, hotel companies will not be able to optimally integrate hotel CRM in their business plan and benefit from unexplored opportunities. To help them there are many mobile app for hotel management are available.

The absence of separation between the offering and the consumption of the products or services results in service firms having the elements necessary for falsifying relationships with their customers. Within the hotel industry, there is a little or almost negligible separation between the product and the service elements. Therefore, hotel companies may be seen as innately possessing the elements necessary for creating and fostering relationships with their customers. In spite of being differentiated by their star rating, most hotels tend to offer more or less the same core products and services, namely: accommodation encircled by a range of food and beverage services.

Hence, the development of relationships with customers could be considered ardent to the hotel industry. Hotel companies have recurrently attempted to differentiate their offerings. Hotels also revolve around the offering of products in terms of rooms for instance. Although service loyalty is more dependent on the development of interpersonal relationships than on tangible products, long-term relationship building processes can apply equally to the tangible goods as well as to the service element within hotels. In highlighting how it has become increasingly difficult for firms to retain distinctive products or services it is essential to understand that companies should not only focus on retention of their customers but also aim to achieve long-term relationships through the fulfilment of the service promise, which can be achieved today by mobile CRM app for hotel management.

Indeed, hotels provide an ideal environment within which a CRM solution can be effectively implemented with regard to services as well as products. Today, it has been noticed, that in general, hotel companies appear to have understood the affordability and convenience that a customization CRM solution like Kapture offers.

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  1. Hi,

    Great post!
    Mobile applications really bring about new sense of customer relationship. With a more advance crm technologies and strategies, customer relations are given more focus providing more interaction with guests and develop a more close relationship with guest that will make their hotel stay more memorable and satisfying.

    1. Absolutely Justine. Accessibility and Speed as the chief yardsticks for modern customers.

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