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Kapture CRM Enterprise Resource Management Software

Efficient resource management is currently the biggest area in business processes that needs to be automated. Kapture provides businesses with enterprise helpdesk software on the basis of a monthly subscription. Our cloud-based service CRM software equips your business with on-premises deployment option of the platform and provides you the opportunity to embrace the cloud-based service on your own conditions. Our ERP software gives you the power to adapt your resource deployment model with ongoing challenges in the market scenario. Kapture ERP allows you to leverage on cloud, with increased agility in report generation, resource deployment, simplification of administration and significant cost reduction.

Highest level of quality and efficiency in resource management across the hierarchy of the enterprise is what creates a business that can scale the highest levels of customer satisfaction and ROI one the whole. We have created a next-generation business automation software to optimize performance across your entire enterprise CRM solutions based on local, regional or on global scale. Kapture provides solutions that are crafted for the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, and services sectors. Kapture can be customized for the end-to-end range of industries and markets.

Kapture ERP software automates the entire integration of core business processes such as storing customer orders, operations protocol, inventory records and data related to revenue. The platform can inject a streamlined structure of resources and help in effectively running the organization by:

  • Defining your automation processes and implementing the desired workflow throughout the organization.
  • Ensuring protection of your analytical business data through well-defined filters based on roles and company policy.
  • Enabling your business hierarchy to plan the execution process on the intensity of existing orders and forecasts of the upcoming sales cycle.
  • Providing you with add-ons on your software dashboard to give an optimal level of service to existing and potential customers.
  • Converting your business data into information for zeroing in on the right course of the transaction.

Kapture ERP software gives you the option to calculate your overall business performance right on the software dashboard. You can view key performance indicators according to roles in the supply chain. Each indicator is based on a measuring value with specific formula on your dashboard which you can be set very quickly on the platform.

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