Prospecting process

A Definite Questionnaire To Determine The Quality Of Your Prospects

Sales Prospecting process

Almost all sales people hinge their hopes in converting the incoming leads into acquisitions. This strategy can work only if your product or service happens to be an indisputable market leader.

In all the other scenarios, you need to have a high quality sales prospecting process to handle the overall lead volume. In this article, we will reveal a well-distilled prospecting questionnaire that helps you handle your core prospects. It will also help you acquire, manage and influence the lead inflow.

  1. Will the generated leads measure up-to adequate quality?

A successful sales guy always understands the concept of “what-goes-in-comes-out.”

If you are able to start with a pool of high quality prospects, it will be reflected in your sales prospecting process. Consequently, this qualitative prospect selection will also reflection your final closures.

In the initial lead prospecting stages, you could start by determining whether the prospect’s actual requirement matches your product specifications.

Is there an optimal way to influence the buying decision? Does the prospect have an adequate budget to realize the final purchase?

This initial introspection in lead processing activity will influence and maintain lead quality until the final stages.

  1. Am I investing on the right channels?

If the first question is whether my generated leads measure up-to the adequate quality standards, the second question should be whether I can do something to generate high quality leads.

You can consistently generate quality leads through selecting the right marketing channels and targeted campaigns.

Although there could be industry generalizations, each business should find their own way to best impact their marketing activities.

This means that you are now enjoying the best returns for every dollar spent.

The selective targeting need not even end with selecting the right marketing channels or even campaigns. You can also focus on getting on the right age group or other attributes.

This way, you can spread your marketing activities to other related channels.

  1. Do I have quality prospecting data?

If your acquired information about prospecting is just limited to customer contact numbers or email ids, it may severely constrict your further lead processing activities.

For a beginner, you won’t be knowledgeable about the right strategy or means to approach the concerned prospect. Further, you can derive the highest quality for managing prospect data.

If you have quality prospecting data, it will help you under many different fronts of quality prospecting.

You can also manage your lead cycle to acquire and convert the given sales prospects.

  1. Do I have the right pitch to impress the prospects?

It’s an inscrutable fact that your sales pitch will determine your rate of customer acquisition. If your sales pitch happens to be slimy or blunt, it would lead to significantly lowered lead processing quality.

For example, your entire sales operation may turn blunt if you don’t have the right marketing pitch. It also means that you are failing to provide the right value proposition to your target audience.

This way, having an accurate customer account will ensure that your marketing data don’t get muddled or confused in any way.

  1. Do I have an optimal process for long-term prospecting?

In case you are selling high value asset or service, your sales funnel would likely span several weeks or even months.

At the same time, you should also expect healthy drop-off rates.In this case, you should recognize these drop-offs and decrease their priority levels.

quality prospecting process

You can manage this kind of prospecting through a definite process pipeline.

In hindsight, all sales people know that final closure is almost always a time dependent activity.

In a segmented market place, finding, influencing and directing the right market activities could be really hard.

  1. Handle Intricate prospecting responsibilities

In most cases, sales or deals are not closed by talented sales people under a whiff of inspiration. Most sales deals take an enormous amount of hand holding, understanding and facing day to day challenges.

If you can boil these down to a list of questionnaire, it can significantly improve your lead prospecting activity.

Take away:-

All experienced sales people are aware that prospecting is actually harder than closure.

You also need to possess definite prospect insights to take potential lead into closure stages.

The right way to gain insights into your prospecting process would be to determine a list of questionnaire that throws light into the significance of your prospect.

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