Field sales challenges

Conquer 3 biggest challenges in field sales with these unique CRM features

Field sales challenges

Quintessentially, you don’t measure a field sales person based on the hours spent in-front of keyboard or dialing the sales pitch. You see, they are operating on the ground and outside your field of vision.

Their dedication and work proficiency gets determined by the number of closures. And, this requires a designated number of prospects generated each day, every day…

A field person is always carrying a bag of challenges and expectations.

Suppose you are going to attend a meeting with a prospect outside the office. You have a final discussion, in which you have to show the entire product catalogue, deal structure and details, product charges, and many other essential things

This also comes with a bag of challenges and recurring difficulties.

For example, let’s consider the three typical problems that may affect the life of a sales team.

  • Communication problem with other sales executives
  • Information required by outside offices
  • Meeting and call reminder

Communication problem with other sales executives

Ground sales challenges

In the recent years, we have seen Internet turning into the main sales channel for many companies. We even have the tendency of outside face-to-face sales getting to be considered an outdated idea.

Even so, the field sales team remains critical for closures with most organizations.

A field sales employee has the ability to directly communicate with the prospect. This helps you acquire more in-depth understanding of the client requirements and possibly better sales propositions.

In this, the modern sales dynamics require a smoother way to handle communications – both internally and with prospects.

Imagine a situation where you are in a meeting with a client and suddenly the client asks for a particular customization. In this situation, the ground field sales employee could be on their blind spot. Then, what will you do?

When the salesperson has to take an important decisions or carry-out essential steps to close the deals.

With cloud-based CRM software sales people can communicate with each other by creating a group chat, transfer files and documents, share videos and images.

You don’t need to open your mail account for this and even do not have to install another application for handling the situation. You directly interact with higher executive personally or in a group conversation through the CRM application.

Avail Information outside the Office

 Field sales monitoring

Suppose you are in a garment company and your higher executive asks you to attend a meeting with an important client. Will you carry the entire catalogue or brochure with you? Today no one does that. Every company has their online brochure to show their client.

While interacting with a client you need to access those catalogues faster, as it carries a good impression. And any sudden loss of information affects your entire conversation.

Field sales CRM software gives you the opportunity to upload all the necessary information, including catalogue/brochure to demonstrate the product availability in just a click. A single dashboard is enough to access all the client information and other necessary data.

As a result, the sales rep can fluently carry out the conversation and never have trouble to access necessary data.

Going further, higher sales executives can also provide real time updates regarding rate plans and product offers on the sales rep’s smart phone through the sales CRM.

Arrange and align all customer Obligations

Customer Obligations

A salesperson needs to wear a lot of hats each day; Most of times, there is rarely any gap in switching between the hats.

Let’s consider the daily routine of a sales employee.

Work Responsibility – 1

Service Executive – Call prospects and arrange various client meetings.

Work Responsibility – 2

Daily Transit – Travel across the City to prospect location

Work Responsibility – 3

Sales negotiations – Pitch the product and negotiate for an agreeable price margin.

Work Responsibility – 4

Reporting – Manage all the paper work and handle all the data streamlining.

A good sales outcome is dependent on a successful execution of these duties. In other words, this daily multitasking could put severe strain on the sales employee.

Whether you are in a big company or in a start-up, you are likely dealing with more than 10 clients on daily basis.

Meanwhile, your bottom-line depends on closing the right number of deals.

How could the sales rep possibly manage all these responsibilities?

Previously sales reps were used to maintain a notebook, filled up with appointment list, contact numbers and other client details.

But, this doesn’t fit the schedule or the requirement of agility anymore!

Customer Relationship Management software facilitates you to create work timetable and set meeting and follow-up call reminders with the software. You can also update order status instantly, even can upload minutes of meeting and change prospects status, form hot to warm or from cold to hot, so that your fellow and higher executives can also see your work progression.


As the Internet has become the significant commercial channel, the sales team can reach-out and communicate with any potential client. The customers are in the power position, where the direct sales pitches have become one of the possible sales options.

In this situation, the ground field sales teams should become more versatile and flexible at their sales processes.

The cloud-based CRM software helps you to understand and manage these challenges. It helps you give more customized business solutions that help you differentiate yourself from the generic solutions available in the Internet.

This will ultimately help you generate better sales turnover and achieve higher ROI.

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  1. Utilizing field sales service management software would help to manage all the issues efficiently. It is a great tool for professionals who need to work on the field and maintain the data for all the related tasks. With this tool, it gets easier to manage every minute of business-related information in one go.

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