How to Get a 360 Degree Overview of Your Customers

 ‘Please wait for 2 minutes while I access your information.’

‘Can you please give us your order number?’

‘When did you place the order?’

‘Can you please give us your registered email address?’

When the world is moving towards exponential increase in automation, the new age customer is not interested in vague resolutions to their problems. Customers are actually looking to have their issues resolved without having to contact customer service more than once.

The key goal, as we see it, towards acquiring a 360 degree overview of your customers is to help you drive a more successful customer management strategy that is directly relevant to the first call resolution (FCR) of a company.

What is a 360 Degree Overview of your Customer? 

Simply put, it’s a collection of all your customer data in one place. And it is consolidated from the various touch points where a customer meets the brand through interactions via calls, chats, emails, texts, social media responses and surveys.

From their social media behaviour, purchasing data, basic contact information, and mainly all interactions with customer service, is derived from the 360 degree approach.

Why Your Business Needs a Customer 360 Degree Overview :

  • A 360 Customer View enables the agent to cut through the clutter of trivial questions. Integrations with knowledge management systems and new age customer segmentation, customer behaviour, internal or external systems enable efficient exception handling and excellent cross sell/ up sell opportunities.
  • Customer 360 empowers the agents to spend time on solving the problem at hand rather than doing redundant manual activities like juggling between systems and asking for trivial details that are already available internally in other systems.
  • Improves key metrics like FCR (First Call Resolution), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), NPS (Net Promoter Score) and AHT (Average Handling Time).
  • Increase customer retention with revolutionized customer service.

In the era of API powered interconnectivity, almost every technology platform can be integrated with each other:

  • improving productivity of the user,
  • adding efficiency to the entire business process
  • enable superior analytics for data driven decision making
  • collating information from multiple systems to create a holistic view
  • ability to make changes, update data in multiple systems with a few clicks

Let’s look at a few possible sources of information and the information itself for resolving a customer query:

  • The core admin system – customer demographic details
  • ERP – order/service information, payment information, customer details, inventory, logistics
  • Inventory management system
  • Order management system
  • POS system
  • Accounting system

A ticketing system is the focal point of customer service that should be able to bring every customer touch point (social media, email, call, chat etc) and necessary internal systems to give the 360 view of customer to the call centre agent.

For example, the initially mentioned questions can be easily avoided as follows: 

1.‘Please wait for 2 minutes while I access your information/ Can you please give us your registered email address?’:

The registered mobile number or email ID becomes the unique identifier to fetch the necessary information from an internal system integrated with the ticketing tool against a ticket in real time.

2.‘Can you please give us your order number/When did you place the order?’:

Integration of the ticketing system with ERP or order management system or ecommerce back ends (Shopify, WOO Commerce, Magento etc) fetches the order information (order number, order date, items ordered, delivery status etc) based on email id or mobile number.


Acquiring new customers is important for business growth, but retaining them and having them return for more is equally (if not more) important for longer-term sustainable evolution of your business. 

Kapture’s AI-ML enabled ticketing system helps you build personalised, contextual and intelligent customer interactions by enabling an integrated customer 360 degree view dashboard to your agents.

And our bleeding edge API infrastructure makes integrations with any system a breeze. 



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