FMCG Manufacturers Can Now Easily Track the Freshness of Retail Stock with Kapture’s Mobile CRM


Kapture’s FMCG CRM has been powering manufacturers with an inventory, sales and service management software that helps these companies track distributors, warehouses and retailers on a unified dashboard.

To enhance the profitability and effectiveness of these companies, Kapture CRM introduced a new module for the mobile application that allows on field sales staff to check the freshness of retail stock at stores by simply entering the manufactured date into the application.

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3 Easy Steps to check the freshness of your stock with Kapture FMCG Mobile CRM

Step 1: Field agents log in to the application, choose the customer and check-in.



Step 2: They then click the allocations option to access information on the products placed in the retailers’ chillers.




Step 3: They can then check the freshness of the product by simply entering the manufactured date, post which the CRM tells them if the product is fresh or near expiry date.



This feature is perfect for companies distributing perishable products across a number of stores, helping your on-field sales team maintain fresh stock across every chiller that your product is displayed on.


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