What’s New With Kapture?


At Kapture CRM, we are always cooking up something new that our customers will savour. This section of our blog gives you a peek into our latest delicacies aka feature updates for customer success and the smell of excitement wafting through our engineering corridors.

Our brand new set of features helps your support team get better at supporting their customers, cut-back on workload and become smarter at managing daily operations.

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Here’s an overview of the latest features/updates of our CRM platform.

  • Hover view in the ticketing dashboard

If you are a support rep, you might be already aware that some tickets deserve prior attention to others. Instead of clicking around multiple tickets, kapture’s ‘hover view’ lets you view the ticket within the ticketing dashboard before clicking on the individual ticket.


This allows you to effectively prioritize between different tickets without clicking on each ticket. This saves your agent’s time at manually clicking and waiting for each ticket to load before deciding on the ticket priority.

  • Kapture CRM’s LMS module lets you conduct test to evaluate the agent proficiency at their respective area of operations. For this, the manager can assign tests for each team and agent.

You can learn more about the extensive functionalities of helpdesk software through checking-out our website.


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