Webinars vs Direct Interactions: Which Gives More Utility?


At some point, a sales manager would have to make an important choice between two alternatives to reach out to his audience.

These are between online webinar or direct sales meeting.

Before we go in-depth, let’s see what puts webinars into the picture when we think about sales meetings.

A sales manager always presents simple math to his team: A number of appointments are proportional to the number of closures. If you increase the number of meetings, it’ll start generating more closures. Now you just need to make more meetings happen on a daily basis. But a dose of reality will tell you that it’s hard to ramp up the number of quality meetings on an immediate basis.


Live webinar helps you resolve this dilemma by removing the traditional constraints of reaching out to audiences. For a start, it’ll instantly increase the reach and engagement of your business. By this way, you can easily improve the quality of prospects attending your sales pitch.

In turn, this means that having more webinar attendees will increase the number of deal closures.

At the same time, the growing popularity of webinars have caused uneasiness among salespeople about their skills being replaced by virtual webinars.

In this blog, we’ll draw comparisons between webinars and direct sales meetings about their ability to close more deals. This will also deliver deeper insights into the ability of more sales closures.

Webinars vs. Direct Meetings – A side-by-side Comparison

In this section, we’ll get a detailed view of how webinars stack-up against direct sales meetings. This will help you determine whether your business model suits the webinars model.

Let’s draw a side by side comparison of sales meetings vs. webinars.


This shows us that the webinars have evolved more than being just another medium to hold sales meetings. They provide much better versatility and flexibility than traditional face-to-face sales meetings.

At the same time, the webinars can also work hand-in-hand with traditional meetings to reinforce their impact. Let’s see a number of ways where the sales meetings can be improved through a webinar.

Let’s see the different ways where the webinars can reinforce the direct sales meetings or make it more impactful.

Webinars Help you Create Healthy Sales Funnel

If you’re familiar with the modern marketing program, you should be familiar with the concept of the sales funnel. In simplistic terms, sales management system would help you turn marginally interested prospects into enthusiastic product-ready buyers.


As you may know, this would need you to carry through with the advanced prospects of a sales funnel. A sales funnel could help you manage these prospects and acquire the customers. This could be possible through a sales funnel.

By managing prospects through a sales funnel, you can engage and communicate with your customers, in turn, this would nourish the pool of prospects who are available for the final sale’s closure.

Webinars Can Tackle Much More In-depth Subjects

Most sales meetings usually have a fixed short-term objective. They are usually arranged to close deals or upsell an existing customer. A face-to-face meeting doesn’t usually allow the time or flexibility to educate or impart the customer awareness of new requirements in their business.

A webinar can help you resolve this situation through in-depth sales conversations. It gives you the time and focuses to tackle subjects by going-in much more in-depth when you compare them to direct sales meetings.

You can also hold a series of webinars to completely educate the customer about a particular aspect of their business. In turn, this will help you gain more customers who are ready to close the deal.

Webinars Improves Customer Retention

For both software and physical product provider, customer retention or acquiring repeat purchases from a customer can be a critical factor.

The webinars can act as a critical tool to improve the rate of customer retention.

By releasing regular webinars, you can work on improving these critical client engagement metrics.

In turn, this will help you improve the critical metrics of customer interactions such as NPS (Net promoter score), recurring interactions etc.

By this way, you can retain your existing customers or upsell on your existing customers.

Conclusion: –

As the customers get more accustomed to webinars, the direct sales meetings would be limited to the final stages of sales closure. At the same time, when it comes to software or product there are only be few salespeople who would be able close deals simply based on the direction of their interactions.

At the same time, the webinars could work excellent to nourish your leads and create more engaged prospecting process. In turn, this will reinforce your sales funnel and acquire more customers.

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