Tips for Effective Call Center Management During Festive Season

Tips For Effective Call Center Management

The holidays are just around the corner and your support team is cracking their knuckles for a large amount of work that lays ahead.

Chaos and confusion are on the way – they believe.

It doesn’t have to be this way – you can actually have a smooth sailing contact centre during the holidays. Picture this scenario, a ticket gets generated and then it magically flies into your agent’s computer. In just a few minutes, your agent uses secret software to quickly sort out the customer’s query and close the ticket.

This goes on for the entire day. Wait, it’s not a dream – this is a very real scenario.

A contact centre management software can really help you take this dream scenario into a real working environment.

Instead of painting fictional scenarios let me show you how a contact centre management software can help you handle the large call volume you are about to receive.

1. Use a Telephony integration to breeze through escalations

The contact center CRM works from a single dashboard and you can integrate your existing telephony integration into it with ease.

Now, this telephony integration helps your agents receive calls directly from their computer, they also have the ability to have multiple calls running at once.


The benefit of this tool is the fact that your agents can actually multi solve tickets faster as compared to receiving calls from a traditional line, where they just get one call at a time.

During the holiday season, your team needs to be a ticket resolution machine and a cloud telephony integration with your contact management CRM can help you achieve this.

2. Use the chat icon as a massive intelligence gathering tool

For the purpose of this article let’s talk about the chat system’s built-in scripted templates that can be used to engage the customer as soon as he lands on your website.


When a visitor lands on your website – a form pops up asking them “What can I do for you today?” This is an automated message, once the customer responds – according to his problem a ticket is assigned automatically to the respective agents helping you save valuable customer support minutes.

The chat system acts as an intelligence gathering tool – so that the agent can do his very best to study the escalation and then solve it accordingly.

3. Use a Knowledge Base to empower your agents with the power of ticket resolution

Knowledge is power and with the contact center management’s Knowledge Base your agents become ticket resolving superheroes.

The knowledge base is another valuable addition to the arsenal of the Contact Centre Management CRM’S ticket resolution tools.

The knowledge base gives your agents access to scores of pre-written FAQ’S and ‘How to guides’ that help them sort out escalations faster only because they have everything they need to solve the ticket on their CRM Dashboard itself.

4. Don’t wish for lesser tickets, focus on Getting better at solving tickets

The contact management software is a great way to handle large call volumes on weekdays and weekends alike. They also become ultra-handy in creating better customer relations because when a customer knows that you are there he is more likely to make a purchase from you.

As the holiday season comes to take time to be with your loved ones, but your customers are a part of your extended family so use this opportunity to serve them and serve them well.

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