Utilize CRM intelligence for Sharper Market Performance: CRM Lessons

A competitive marketplace needs a continuous investment in marketing and other related activities. When there are umpteen ways to spend your money, making the right intelligent choices can go a long way of deciding your business proceedings.

At situation, you can easily set-forth your spending decisions based on primary impulses, which could be more often wrong than right. A CRM Solution gives you an effective way of spending your money rather than being dependent on blind intuition.

Running a Business Needs Intelligent and Immediate Decision Making Skills

Somewhat like Driving a Car

A successful businessman identifies his running his enterprise to driving his car really fast along a dangerous course, and that’s the only way it could be done! In a constantly changing and diverging market place, successful decisions could be achieved only through deep analysis and successful intersection of challenges.

You should always be prepared to make frequent decisions, simultaneously involving the right use of steering, power and break to negotiate each potential obstacle. Likewise, you need to keep track of various factors involved in driving your business forward, involving sales, leads, engagement and past performance.

Although it’s a steep learning in beginning, with time you acquire skills required to maneuver the wheels on right side of the road. But there are chances that you would crash and burn even before that! And even when you are successful, you need to be making minute adjustment across the course over your business journey.

A CRM solution could be your right companion that helps you maneuver and cover the challenging business track, avoiding any potential causality.

Remember that an “Intelligent Decision can only be made based on credible Information.”

1. Budgeting and Assigning your Marketing Investments

All marketing activities are not created or spend equally; they are also not equally effective. As your marketing budget could be swayed to market fluctuations, you need to make precise and on-time decisions.

While deciding on your marketing expenditure, these are two immediate questions that you need to address.

1. When to make the investment?
2. Where to make the investment?
3. How much to spend on your budget?

For example, for a cab service provider morning newspaper ad should have a higher impact than an ad on a recreational magazine, which may not carry an appeal with business travelers.

For serving ad’s that meets these characteristic, understanding your audience characteristics is a key requirement.

A CRM solution receives and stores all your audience or lead characteristics, allowing you to tap into the essential client information at your ease and requirement. This information could be later used to make smart investment decisions on the future course. All that you need to do is to maintain an accurate client account system.


In the above image, I recognize ‘location’ as the important characteristic and I’m filtering client list by location. Similarly you can create a field for age, group, sex or any other characteristic to play a similar role.

2. Choosing and Crafting an Advertising Pitch


If you are not delivering the right message, even best advertising strategy could fail flat on stomach. A good advertising pitch looks to resolve specific client issues, rather than simply claim that we resolve your problem.

An advertising message is best developed by thoroughly understanding and appealing to your audience. Understanding your actual requirements could actually improve your product. Meanwhile, having access audience group or age allows you to appeal to specific taste and appetite.

While you can do market research to come-up with marketing ideas, a CRM Profiling is a much more reliable and affordable way for creating your advertising pitch.

3. Create Audience appealing Blog and Social Marketing Content

When looking for customers and interactions via online media, maintaining a blog and social media is important. When you are trying to provide useful information, knowing your client needs is important. You can positively brainstorm important issues, which could be your perspective on client issues.

Through a CRM Customer Relationship System, you can build up a database of frequent client requests and complaints. Going through these problems you can troubleshoot your problem or make a change that avoids any sources of confusion. As successful blogging and social media performance is an important metric in determining search positions, you can reap direct returns for your effort towards this direction. In short ‘the CRM allows you to blog about the real customer issues’.

In practice, you can address the following issues with a CRM Application:

1. Choose Article topics
2. Allow Social Media to be on-time and Attractiveness
3. Build Traffic to each platforms
4. Formalize business interactions
5. Need only critical procedures

It could also mean a new opportunity to push new interesting content, meanwhile keeping it within your client prospects.

4. Create Long Term Marketing Strategies

Like any other activity, marketing is most effective when it’s done with a long-term perspective. If you are used to setting only immediate lead goals and invest at achieving them, long-term goals such as brand recognition and product loyalty may not be recognized.Graph

Ideally, your growth graph should be looking like the one above. As you cannot expect constant market growth, your will be subjected to constant fluctuation in your performance.

A CRM gives you a direct understanding of your client base, allowing you create a strategy that could appeal to similar prospective clients. This data also helps you make better decisions at points of introspection, with better chances of successes.

The CRM also gives you the confidence to commit to long-term strategies, such as Search Engine Optimization and Brand Building.

The CRM Integration allows you to make intelligent marketing decisions in a confusing marketplace. At KaptureCRM, We create customized business solution that meets specific objectives.

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