Business online growth- the right steps to win more positive reviews

Today winning positive customer reviews is one form marketing by itself. A good portfolio of positive reviews can gain better online visibility, increased sales and better profit margins.

Meanwhile, large numbers of visible negative reviews are an immediate turn-off. With a larger emphasis on positive reviews, at-least some businesses have veered-off to unethical means of accumulating artificial reviews and five stars. These non-genuine could do more harm than good on long term.

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Why you shouldn’t Fake Five Star Reviews

For a business looking to rake fake reviews, the problems are just on horizon. To control negative reviews, Google and other E-commerce Sellers such as Amazon have taken an unremorsefully tough attitude towards fake online reviews and reviewers.


Meanwhile, most customers are able to distinguish between real and fake reviews. Any arguably negative reviews can be easily reported on on Google or any other reputable social platforms.

These five steps allows you to directly increase your genuine reviews, Strategize your Customer Outreach program
Strategize your Customer Outreach program

In running a modern business, a product purchase is just a point along the customer journey. A business also needs to provide continued customer outreach programs to ensure a richer experience. It’s also impractical to expect an angry customer to log-in to your customer service website and patiently wait for reply.

By ensuring presence across various social media CRM platforms and digital forums, a business gains an opportunity for direct communication with a customer. This also avoids the naivety at approaching previously unattended customers for positive reviews.

Here is an example of a positive review request I got from a training institute. Rather than being annoyed, I was happy to see the E-mail as they had cleared my doubts previously through E-mail.

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Needless to say, I uploaded a positive video review on their YouTube channel.
Get ready to let go of your Unsatisfied CustomersGet ready to let go of your Unsatisfied Customers
Customer reviews have taken-over as the most valued form of word-of-mouth publicity. According to research, almost 88% of customers take online reviews their genuine buying guide.

While each customer is precious, you will never be able to satisfy certain customers. These customers may not be looking for your particular service or could be keeping unreasonable service levels. These customers could finally leave you, while taking a personal vendetta against your business by posting negative reviews.

By allowing these customers to leave your business at a convenient time, you can avoid an unfair negative review on your website.

Customer Satisfaction doesn’t Guarantee Positive Reviews

Even a business with largely satisfied client-base, converting them to positive online reviews is another task. According to Florida university research, it’s human nature to remember bad experiences more than happy ones. This doesn’t mean that a satisfied customer will never share their experience.

Most businesses fail to extract positive reviews from satisfied customers as they are seldom asked to do it or given an incentive. Through maintaining a clear database of satisfied customers, you can directly categorize your satisfied customers. It enables you to focus on the satisfied customer base, also allows you to plan your outreach programs on a systematic basis.

Make Regular Efforts to Increase Online Interactions
Keep Regular Track of Incoming Customer Reviews
One of the most important measures organic reviews are they come over a period-of-time. If you run a periodic market driven approach for positive reviews, the result will appear inconsistent and artificial.

By asking a definite number of customers for positive reviews each day or week, you can increase the online interactions and reviews. A regular way to systematically filter a definite number of users based on a pre-set criterion and communicate your request could make your business stand-out from rest.

Keep Regular Track of Incoming Customer Reviews

Strategize your Customer Outreach program
One of the worst things that you could while trying to build online reviews is to get occasional paranoia about your collection of review. Most of the time, new customers tends to resonate with reviews from other customers and vice versa. Today a business needs to keep track of various platforms including Facebook, twitter, instagram, Reddit and Quora. Keeping an eye of each these platforms could completely fill your day. Instead a CRM software platform could assimilate and streamline your various channels into a single flow.

In retrospective, having a systematic approach is the best means of collecting online reviews. Kapture CRM helps businesses to increase customer interactions and collect reviews.

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