CRM for Hospitality Industry

CRM For Hospitality Industry – 4 Benefits You Never Knew

The hospitality industry is all about providing feel-good services to your customers and catering all their needs. The growth and downfall of a hotel are highly based on how their customers feel about their services. But how do you track whether you are meeting the needs and expectations of your customers? If you are still doing it the traditional way then believe us, you are getting nowhere. Its time you switch to Hotel CRM Software which helps you stay connected with all your current and would-be customers instantly. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a version of Hotel CRM Software and plan the best hotel CRM strategies for your business.

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Benefits of CRM for the Hospitality Industry

There are many benefits of having a mobile CRM app for hotels like you can manage all your customer data and information under one tab, give your customers better access to your business promotions and information, and much more.

    1. Encourages Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are all you need, aren’t they? Gaining many loyal customers, who would repeatedly choose your services over any other competitors, is a tough ask. So, how do you encourage customer loyalty? Well, it’s all possible, and CRM makes it easier for you. CRM helps you analyze your old based system data and gives you a fair idea of what did not work for you. The software also helps you understand what your customers actually prefer when they’re being served. Be it personalization, comfort, pricing, quality service, or anything else; through a Hotel CRM Software you can find out the difference.

With the help of CRM software, you can choose to send automated responses and messages to your customers based on the data collected. You can also set up a rewards system for your customers based on their behavior which directly encourages loyalty.

    1. Track Room & Banquet Occupancy

When it comes to tracking room and banquet occupancy of your hotel, you would always want to be precise about it, won’t you? Maintaining paper documents are all old fashioned techniques and also consume extra time. Switching to CRM will give you quick access to your hotel inventories, and room and banquet occupancies. This helps you provide your customers with instant and better services.

When you integrate your inventories to the CRM system, it automatically gives you regular and real-time updates about the available inventories. For example: If you have 1000 inventories in total and out of which 200 have already been booked, the integrated system will read the remaining inventories and give you a count of the available rooms, which in this case is 800.

Tracking Sales

Tracking your overall sales is now easy thanks to CRM. Since all your business data is recorded on the software by your employees and through automation, tracking growth and taking corrective measures based on the results becomes easy.

    1. Customer Service

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is essential for your business. Good customer relations come with good customer service. Integrating all your customer communication channels and sources into your CRM software can help you cater better to your customer queries and complaints. Be it third-party sites or your own website, you can instantly revert back to the requests and complaints made by your customers. You can also get all the reviews and feedbacks of your customers in one place and auto assign the tasks to respective departments to keep your customers happy.

Generating Automated Invoice & Quotation

Why waste time generating detailed invoices and typing quotations every time you close a deal when you can get it done through your CRM system. The CRM software helps you generate automated quotations and invoices based on your needs and data, which is recorded in the application.

Manage Your Enquiries

Managing your enquiries just got a whole lot easier. No matter which channel or source you get the enquiries from, you can manage and revert back to all the enquiries instantly. This leaves a good impression on your potential prospects and also helps you maintain good a relationship with them.

    1. Schedule Follow-ups & Reminders for Employees

Never miss out on your follow-ups with customers. Using CRM you can set reminders for employees regarding meetings and follow-ups. The system automatically notifies the person assigned for a particular task.

With CRM running the hospitality industry, it’s much easier and effortless. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a version of Kapture CRM right away.


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