3 Efficient Ways for B2B to Improve their CX

Over the past few years, the appreciation of CX has rapidly grown. Businesses are now equally investing in the CX and aligning their marketing, sales, and customer success strategies around customer preferences. While this mindshift has provided opportunity to businesses to improve their CX, it also has its own challenges. 

For example, in B2B there are multiple opportunities to delight or frustrate a customer. These conversations include sales, product experience, support, and more. 

As more B2B continue to make CX their priority it becomes quintessential for businesses to continuously evolve and mature the program. Customer relationships evolve everyday and with it your approach and commitment towards customer success should too. 

Define Company Priorities through Customer Feedback

While others prefer their decisions to be guided by facts and data, heavily relying on customer feedback as one of the inputs can be the key in the decision making process. Your CX process should resonate with your customers and should also serve as a blueprint for your business priorities to ensure that you as a business is headed in the right direction. 

Ensure your data is valid, trusted and easily available to people who help in defining the company’s priorities. 

Form a CX Championship Team 

A great way to increase the impact of your CX programs is by forming a team of CX champions. This is the team of a cross-functional and passionate people who are incharge of discussing customer feedback, recommending improvement initiatives, researching & analyzing root cause activities. 

This team can also help in elevating the culture of customer-centricity in your organization. 

Create meaningful experiences

Understanding the needs of your customers and provoking them instant resolutions is a great start towards an efficient CX. What you need to pay attention to is the type of resolution your customers are receiving. Solutions that are instant, contextual and intelligent are the ones that help business create delightful customer experiences. 

B2B needs to have an emotional connection with their customers so they can spread your story. 


CX is all about understanding how people connect to your product/services. Lack of proper CX strategy may work for businesses but it doesn’t work for the potential clients. Mapping the journey of your customers and ensuring provided resolutions are contextual and intelligent can go a really long way. 


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