Kapture Crm applications in banking sector

Kapture CRM Applications in Banking Sector

To clear the noise of generalized CRM applications in banking sector, Kapture is one such platform which helps the banking sector to put equal emphasis on sales and service at the same time. The primary aim of Kapture bank customer relationship management software is to enable the banks to increase the value of their advice and service by effectively using customer information. This cloud based CRM tool gives the ability to the banks to know their customer habits, types of services they use, where they live and work, and hence the ability to quickly identify their profitable customers.

Due to high competition in the field and scattered nature of potential customers, retail banks are facing different level of challenges in identifying and channelizing their sales apparatus. A Retail banking customer expects an effective way to interact with a particular bank. Kapture CRM platform gives a bank the ability to provide its customers with the most streamlined and effective banking functionalities.

Kapture BFSI CRM

It is a mobile sales automation tool for retail banking which comes along with the opportunity of addressing multiple potential customers based on customized data and target based analytics. It helps in calculating expenditures and prospective earning over a particular period. By processing relevant information generated out of this platform, banks can practically measure the return of investment (ROI) they achieve from this banking crm software

One significant issue for retail banking is the shifting peak period. The need to reallocate idle or untapped branch resources during peak periods will have a positive impact on ROI. Kapture is an ideal CRM platform that can help to shift these resources through optimum access to customer information. Kapture simplifies the concept of process driven workflow in a retail bank:

  • It captures customer data at the point of entry into the system. It ensures that all customer information and history are accessible, which in turn allows the bank to foster the corporate identity of the firm.
  • Provides quality information on each customer interaction that can be accessed by senior management in timely reports to allow refined analysis.
  • It enables bank marketing to easily identify customer contacts by market segmentation and target correspondence to those customers who show reluctance to the product or service in offering.
  • It ensures that the customer experience within the system is consistent and effective across all the channels of communication.

Kapture is a enterprise banking software that significantly simplifies the process of banking by channelizing segmented data of sales and services to the desired point of contact in a highly secured way. It helps in understanding the overall effectiveness of sales automation in a bank. Kapture is an ideal CRM platform for bridging the gap among relationship marketing, customer retention and cross-selling.

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