Speed Alert! Lead Processing Goes Superfast with Batch Lead Process


As per studies, the prospects prefer the companies that respond first to their email enquiry. In other words, you can improve the quality of prospect response and consequent conversion by maintaining a high velocity for response to any enquiries.

But at least occasionally, most businesses struggle to maintain their high response velocity for enquiries. In a  situation where there is a sudden spike in lead numbers or any of the sales agents are unavailable, your lead response speed may slow down. Needless to say, this would lead to a leaky sales funnel and lost revenue.

In this situation, there should be an effective way to maintain the high velocity of lead prospecting to beat competitors at winning prospects.

Kapture’s lead management module presents a new intuitive way to resolve this challenge. Within Kapture’s sales management system, you can automate the task of routing leads to the right sales agent in batches based on pre-specified rules.


Now you can streamline all the incoming leads to the right sales agent on an ongoing basis, eliminating the delays and inefficiencies automatically.

This allows you to route leads based on a particular date or the current assignee.


Afterwards, you can also route the leads based on particular campaigns or landing pages by selecting the corresponding secondary and tertiary lead sources. This will help you ensure that the concerned sales agent is well-equipped to give the optimal response to the particular prospect.


You can also automate lead routing to particular sales agents based on the quality of leads or its current progression along the sales funnel.

This will help you to configure filters to efficiently set-up and hand-over leads in a given time period.


Similarly, Kapture CRM also simplifies the account handover of customers from one customer to the another. Within this system, you can easily transfer a single or group of customers from one agent to the another through a unified system.


This allows you to instantly hand over a list of prospects to a particular account manager without any disruption in the rendering of services.

Whether it’s lead processing or customer servicing, the businesses need to continually redefine their pace at winning deals and customer favours. Kapture CRM removes the potential hindrance at achieving a higher daily operational velocity. You can contact us to learn more about the application of sales automation at closing more deals.

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