Sales Tracking – the Most Effective Way to Close More Deals

As a company’s lead pool grows, a salesman would notice a segmented pattern of purchase behaviour.

The salesman would notice that a certain percentage make an immediate purchase, a larger segment would opt to wait for a period of time before purchasing and a certain percentage would remain unimpressed by his offer.

As the salesman make notes in his excel sheets, he constantly is following the copy-paste formula of transferring leads across multiple sheets.

When the time comes to begin making follow up calls, his mind is left to wander across confusing notes he hastily took down. His notes are all over the place and he ends up pitching his heart out to prospects who have already told him they were not interested – only because he was unable to tag this lead as a cold one on a primitive software.

Why a Sales Tracking Software Can Help You Sell Better and Faster?

Close to 40% salespeople said it is easier to qualify a prospect than close them

A Sales tracking software and tool serves as a single-window where the salesman can manage his leads, track his deal stages, automate communications and most importantly tag leads based on purchase interest.

Let’s assume he gets 5 leads from an AdWords campaign, 7 leads from a Facebook campaign and about 5 leads from his outbound efforts. With a sales management software, he collects all these leads into a single inbox.

Graphical reports displaying the behaviour of leads across every stage is available to the seller in a glance. He can set up specific deal stages in the back end of the CRM namely;

1 – Prospect Follow Up

2 – First Meeting Done

3 – Demo scheduled

4 – Decision Maker Met

5 – Invoice Sent

6 – Closed and Won

As he marks each deal stage for individual prospects, a graphical sales funnel is auto-created displaying data on lead activity across each stage.

Sales teams are twice as likely (33%) to prioritize leads based on data analysis of “propensity to buy” rather than on intuition (16%)


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Sales people saw a 33% increase in follow up success as they used the sales tracker to analyse lead data rather than intuition.

The beauty of a sales team tracking app is the fact that sales teams can just focus on a single window to manage and track leads. When a lead enters the CRM it gets auto-assigned to a team member online.

Once a lead is allocated, the customer 360-degree tab can be used to tag leads based on purchase interest. This tab also can be used to communicate with prospects. Emails, phone calls and SMS’s can be sent out from the CRM.

50% Sales leads don’t get a second sales call ( Velocify )

To make outbound calls with the CRM- a cloud telephony integration can be set up within the CRM. When this happens, your team can make and receive calls within the customer 360-degree tab.

All your contacts are available to you in a single dashboard. You can call, email and SMS leads from this window as well.

This increase Leads contacted per hour because team members can quickly reach out and evaluate lead quality thanks to the end to end salfmobies automation tools added to the CRM. Some of the reports available include;

  • Individual Vs Team Performances
  • Employee Vs Lead Report
  • Territory Sales Reports ..and more

Sales managers can get a bird’s eye view of closure rates, leads contacted, meetings set, prospective closures and more by simply looking at a single table.

These metrics can be viewed against individual sales team members.

Imagine if your lead pool continues to grow, how would these reporting metrics help you?

Here’s how, leads enter your pool, the CRM auto allocates leads to your team and then communication begins. When a sales manager has a consolidated view of the number of closures that have taken place so far – it becomes easier to steer the team in the right direction when sales begin to decline.

Create and Schedule Customizable Invoices

Taking a folder wise invoice approach to managing quotation – sales tracking software can help you schedule, manage and track payment statuses.

Each customer can be attached to a label or price point.

Custom tax rates and discounts can be templatized for copy paste quick invoicing. These can be scheduled for e-delivery as well.

Put the Right Emails Infront of the Right Audience

Segmented email marketing based on campaigns activity is available to you in a few clicks. Sniper target leads who have engaged with your emails with sales funnel triggered email automation scheduled the minute action is taken.

Awareness is the first step towards hitting sales goals. You need to be aware of your close rates. The fastest way to do it is to simply look at a Sales CRM dashboard. The 500 + reports generated by the cloud-based Sales tracking software ease the process of tracking and enhances existing operations by powering it with intention and focused derived from data-centric reporting.


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