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How Sales CRM can immediately increase your deal Closures by almost 65%?

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A Sales Guy is mainly judged based on two aspects – how many deals he is able to close & how much time does he take to close each deal. As a result, all sales professionals are constantly trying to close deals at the earliest, but without actually pushing it over the edge.

Unfortunately, the prospect could deem this approach as too prissy and choose your competitor ahead of your business.

In this dilemma, you need to try and find a balance between both these sides.

The sales CRM helps you find the balance between these opposing facets to improve your deal closure ratios.

The sales CRM lets you find the underlying factors that govern these deal closures, letting you systematically close deals at the earliest.

And, this essentially leads us to the next question.

Which is more essential for deal closure – effectiveness or speed?

In this article, I will try to resolve this dilemma based on practical sales circumstances. We can also discuss about the specific factors or sales CRM methodology that help you improve your sales conversions.

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Get Closer to Achieving Deal Closures

In case you are a sales professional, you might notice that every prospect interaction is a proposition of value exchange. In simple terms, as much value you can provide on a pre-sales deal closure, it gets you closer to potential sales conversion.

This proposed value exchange can take place through multiple aspects- it includes product value, business customization, improving client businesses, etc.

In case you are a sales professional, you are liable to get confused about the possible ways to provide value to your prospects. At the same time, you can’t afford to pour your limited resources into every prospect with the slender possibility of conversion.

The sales CRM helps you strategically and comprehensively manage your prospect relations. This also helps you create a uniform way of managing each prospect relation.

Let’s examine the different ways about the sales CRM establishing and improving your sales interactions. It also consequentially increases your chances of deal closures.

Improve your Chances of Obtaining Customer Response

For almost all businesses, there is sharp drop-off between the initial lead acquisition and further prospect interactions. For effective customer conversations, you need to follow effective prospect interactions.

An easiest way is to have multiple customer touch points, which make it easier for the prospect to reach your business and vice versa.

According to a study by the leading business app review aggregator ,there are mainly four different ways of reaching and engaging with your circle of prospects. Ie Email, Telephonic, Person to person, Social media and other channels.

Sales CRM for business

The sales CRM software helps you manage and maintain all these channels through an integrated platform. By establishing this protocol, you can manage a closer means of communication with your prospects. Further, it also enables you to store and access previous customer conversations with ease.

This also helps you establish and manage a readily retrievable database of all previous customer responses.

Create and manage a Gamified Sales Process

As mentioned earlier, all deal closures are achieved through a number of well-organized steps with one objective – improved customer value exchange.

A smart sales manager will try to be able to keep track and limit this entire exchange of processes with an easy glance.

The sales gamification approach helps you comprehensively track and manage these entire sales processes.

For example, consider a daily sales progress report. All the necessary details are enumerated in the report. But you also need to allocate your limited attention to understand this report.

Sales management with CRM

The sales gamification is an effective alternative to keep-track and manage your entire sales pipeline.

Sales Pipeline CRM

This representation gives you an acute sense of the current state of sales and effective steps to make progression.

Now you can view the number of sales exchanges that have gone beyond the initial quote-proposal. Further, you can also learn about the number of proposals that have reached a prospect agreement.

Apart from the direct utility, the sales gamification can also provide you with numerous process benefit.

Organize and centralize your Sales Interactions

As mentioned earlier, successful sales deals are reached based on continuous value exchanges. Every deal closure needs to pass through different stages – initial pitching, quotation creation and approval, consequent sales visits, contract consolidation etc.

Based on aptitude and processing speed, any of these exchanges could potentially end-up taking a false turn.

The sales CRM system can consolidate and manage entire prospect interactions on a single database. This allows the concerned managers to monitor and take decisions about the potentially sales decision mismanagement.

Sales CRM system report

This allows you to follow-through with the right steps along each step of lead processing.


Even if you are an expert at closing deals, you might be needed to decide between the constantly conflicting aspects of your sales process. The sales CRM lets you consolidate and manage your entire sales activities in its optimal way.


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