CRM for Social media

CRM for Social Media Platforms: Turn your SM Channels into Sales Channels

CRM for Social media

Social media is not just about hugely appreciated networks; it also boosts up brand engaging with direct and live communication with the customers. It’s about target audience interacting live with the companies, regarding the products, gaining and giving insights on a daily basis. When it comes to the startups, it’s become more momentous to create brand awareness to increase sales.

Do you know that 84% of B2B marketers utilize social media marketing in some form or the other? No matter what you sell and to whom you sell it to, social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate, than any other marketing platform. Managing social channels is the core idea behind Social CRM.

Importants Of CRM in Social Media

Exploring the Optimum Break to Engage with Customers

People prefer personalized service since it caters to their individual requirements. With the help of Social CRM, you can reach directly to your target audience on a regular basis.

With Kapture CRM, you can get all notifications from multiple social media platforms in a single interface. You can respond to all the queries, posts, comments, messages and view likes without individually signing into different social platforms.

An Active Social Media Presence Builds Brand Loyalty

It’s really easy to imagine why. When you are interacting with your customers over social media, rather than tossing your posts out onto web hopping, you become less like just a company, and more like a cohesive group, who share a vision.

A startup company needs to build robust brand loyalty to increase their sales.

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How Social CRM Helps You to Get Best Out of Social Networks

The power of individual connection should never be underestimated. Now that you know how crucial notifications are, it is essential to ensure you monitor all of them. But it is not that easy.

Managing notifications from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ at a time increases the chance to miss out on incoming communication. As mentioned previously, social CRM allows you to get all your new notifications and reminders in one place. This way your customer support personnel can respond to your customers’ reactions/queries/complaints/appreciations at a faster rate.

Kapture CRM enables you to raise tickets on the basis of queries, like Facebook ticket/Twitter ticket and so on. This enables your team to track the status of a particular query and respond accordingly. You can view the particular Facebook/ Twitter ticket and reply directly by clicking on the reply button.

Build a Bridge between Marketing and Sales: Customize Your Social CRM

Kapture CRM Software can be customized according to your business requirement and integrated with your existing system to improve the overall performance. You can easily incorporate the required features within the provided format that is super flexible to cater to any type of business essentials.

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A specially allotted team can help you reach out to more target customers and increase your sales target much faster. You will be receiving several messages or enquiries, but you can decide on which ones you want to share with your team, via social CRM. You can also restrict or permit access to different features, according to your company positions and hierarchy.


The increasing popularity of social media has eventually resulted in the growth of more customer-centric firms. A social network is all about the individuals and their ability to share and connect freely online. This simple fact has triggered companies to embrace a more customer-centric approach. Further, it shows visible results in sales too. Integrating social CRM to your business, Kapture CRM can help you accelerate rapidly from a startup to full-size business with a wide range of customer network.

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