Effective CRM Suite

Optimize Your Results In Line With SLA’s By Using An Effective CRM Suite

Effective CRM Suite
SLA’s or Service Level Agreements are an undertaking or assurance of quality service between a service provider and a customer. SLAs are used in business settings for agreements with various industries such as Telecommunication, IT (Information Technology) and other Application Service Provider (ASP) firms.

With an SLA, one can strengthen the business relationship as it provides details of accountability, performance, and remuneration. With CRM systems, one can maintain and expand customer relationships by following the SLA.

Develop Superior Work Accountability In Accordance With Your SLA

It is difficult to track employee work accountability both inside and outside the office without well-defined rules as there would be no data logged for any incidents. With CRM tools, every internal department can be coordinated with effectively to keep a tab on whether the employees have achieved their targets or set goals. If something went wrong in one department, you could easily identify the root cause of the problem without wasting time.

A Sales manager can track a representative with real-time GPS enabled tracking to ensure that the work gets done diligently. With CRM systems, the sales department can effectively perform lead management and allocate customers based on priorities. Managers can check for accountability by using the clickable report generating tool and solve any customer related problems within the said turnaround time (TAT).  Different HR hierarchy workflows can be set along with different product levels based on active or prospective status.

The sales funnel in CRM tools gives a graphical description which provides transparency for any sales transactions within an organization. Tickets can be prioritized and can be set to have different work distribution rules based on the SLA. For example, tickets can be allocated to level 1 support team and a few other specialized tickets can be allocated to level 2 support team and managers. Information and past history regarding the troubleshooting tickets give measurable results.

Set Ultimate Benchmark to Boost your Organization’s Performance Levels

SLAs can act as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). With CRM software, the first-time resolution can be effortlessly achieved which boosts the KPI metric. We can set different priorities when the Average Handling Time for the ticket elapses. Priority-based colour coding can be configured with the help of CRM software. This brings about faster query resolution, which ultimately provides a healthy milestone for the organization. With the CRM software, SLAs can be recorded and stored in a virtual data storing drive for future references by the employees to produce effective workflow. CRM software offers an option for escalation when the TAT is not met and can diagnose any unusual slowdowns. The system administrator can set SLAs for various modules such as accounts, contacts, orders, rate cards, leads, quotes, invoice, and emails. Holiday schedules and time zones can also be maintained.

Effective Remuneration or Compensation Tracking System For Your Organization

SLAs focus more on remuneration and this needs to be taken care of by effective CRM software. With the use of CRM systems, rewards and recognition programmes can take a front seat thereby encouraging employees to walk the extra mile. The payment options in CRM tools help in making and receiving payments instantly. Payment history can be researched and any previous payment defaults can be analyzed in the reports. Different rate plans based on the agreed upon SLA can be created within the software. Options exist for one-time payment as well as monthly subscriptions which help to map different rate plans. Payment gateway links can be quickly sent to clients based on different business requirements. Email notifications can be sent for better customer relationships management. All details of past compensations provided can be recorded for in-depth analysis both quantitatively and qualitatively and also for any legal disputes.


Root cause analysis can be performed to track any key problem areas with the help of effective CRM systems to comply with the SLA. The customer database can be handled in a cost-effective manner. CRM tools pave way for major improvements in business operations as critical service areas can be monitored easily with the help of statistics. Many customers switch businesses because of the lack of well-defined CRM strategies and Service Level Agreements. If the organization CRM strategy is clear and if the employees are in touch with customers on a daily basis, CRM tools can track every transaction and spot new trends regarding customer expectations and identify new areas of opportunities to expand the service relationships. Since the main focus of SLA is to create and retain customers, both internal and external customer relationships can be effectively maintained to improve the overall organizational performance.

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