lead management best practices

Lead Management Best Practices

Kapture CRM Lead Management
Business, when on a small scale requires patience and on a larger one, requires a lot of management. Smaller businesses will have one or two handling it all, from buying to selling or from production to distribution. On the other hand, a full-fledged company has separate departments for almost all functions and activities; HR, sales, marketing, finance, administration, creative and planning to name a few. However any business small or big, runs only when there are customers or ‘leads’ coming in. Though the market expands and the demand for products rises every single day, so does competition in each sector. It is hardly possible that there’s only one player in any segment and no other even close to it. This makes it a challenging task for businesses to keep a hold of customers in the market.

Numerous campaigns both online and offline are extensively used by businesses to bring in leads, getting them is an easy task. The actual game begins here. The real challenge is to use best lead management practices and convert them into profitable business. However difficult it might be, that is the job. A cloud based platform for managing all of this is probably a pretty smart option to the traditional hefty hardware and complicated functions.

Kapture is a unique platform that’s much more than lead management or CRM. It goes beyond, way beyond. You can in the very first place, manage all your marketing and promotional campaigns over this platform. That also includes ones from online and those from offline activities. You can also integrate all leads from different platforms easily on this base. It helps to get a proper understanding of the effectiveness of various campaigns and the number of leads generated from those. When you have a complete idea of what works best, you can allocate your funds accordingly.

Then comes lead allocation. This is also facilitated with a wonderful feature that makes it possible to divide and assign the work as soon it is delegated to various team members. Depending on the hierarchy and track records, leads can be allocated to different sales team members to maximize the rate of conversion. When a sales person interacts with the customers, they portray an image of not just themselves but of a brand as well. Kapture prepares them for conversations with details and descriptions of the customers along with minutes from previous conversations that help them to be quick in answering and staying a step ahead of the opposite person.

Marketing Management hence becomes an easier task that is supported by a set of wonderful features under one platform. It’s not just CRM, it’s much more.

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