Changing Your Follow-up Process Can Bring Long-lost Customers

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Following up with the clients and customers is one of the most vital business strategies a sales or marketing person can follow. It is now an established fact in the sales and marketing sector. The follow-ups add value to the product or service and help to build a long term relationship with the customer.

If you meet a really good prospect today, how long would you wait to follow-up with the client?

If you have no standardized plan to make follow-up calls or emails, let us show you some facts first. It will help clarify the entire scenario.

Facts to Motivate You to Make Follow-up Calls

  • Generally, it takes around 8 call attempts to reach a prospect. Whereas, most of the salespersons only make 2 attempts to reach a prospect.
  • 44% of the salespersons give up after one follow-up.
  • Around 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after meeting.
  • Following up with web leads within 5 minutes ensures 9 times more likelihood of conversion.

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Get a Clear Perspective by Following-up

Sometimes it sounds like people keep calling their customers only to make a good impression over them. But it’s not true. The primary concern of a follow-up call is to know where the client stands in the current deal. That is how you can get a clear perspective and a better understanding of the sales development factors.

Besides, follow-up calls can address possible problems earlier. Make sure to encourage your client or customer to ask questions to make everything clear. Answer all queries before ending the call. This way you’re also letting the client know that your business provides outstanding customer support, no matter what the situation is.

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Add Value to Your Product or Service

While engaging in an initial selling process, reasonable frequent calls can add value to your service or product. Even if the deal appears to be closed, a follow-up call can help to express you are interested in building long-term relationships.

When you have nothing to gain after you’ve made the sale, the client gradually trusts that you were telling the truth.

This kind of trust ensures not only customer satisfaction but also recommendations or referrals. Even the trust in a single product may turn into loyalty towards the entire brand. This can influence future purchase decisions as well.

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Follow-up Call: A deciding Factor behind Sale

You can easily imagine your own purchasing experience. What are the most influencing factors behind a purchase? When you feel appreciated by the shop assistant, you are more likely to purchase more than one product from that shop.

Besides, the follow-up call works as a reminder as well. It also helps to reach busy buyers and increase sales.

Managing All Contacts with One Tool: A Perfect Utility of CRM

Now, how to manage customer contact details easily? This is obviously a huge question. Besides, it is not just the question of managing contact details, a salesperson needs to remember plenty of things- status of the deal, enquiry details, when to call the customer, the last conversation details, the background of the client, and many others.

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One of the basic advantages of CRM is to leverage the access and management of entire customer support system, along with other necessary information. Below are the advantages you can get from a mobile Customer Relationship Management application:

  • With a mobile CRMyou can receive call reminder and meeting reminder.
  • It helps to keep track of the sales progression.
  • Before calling the customer you can see the call history and last conversation details.
  • You can put new details and change the status of the prospect.
  • You can create a ticket number for each customer enquiry.
  • The ticket number will help you find the details and status of the customer enquiry.

Moreover, since all the customer-related information is stored in your mobile CRM, it helps you analyze the requirements of the customers and even anticipate their problems. All these increase customer satisfaction and secure sales, in addition to the higher profit margins.


In a nutshell, a salesperson should aim for a long term relationship with the customers, in spite of looking for the short-time profits. Hence, if you want to retain your customers for a long duration, you have to recognize the importance of following-up with the prospect. The CRM software enhances the sales possibilities with its call management facilities that boost the entire selling process.

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