Lead Management System: Start to manage prospects without waiting list

Most travel and hospitality providers frequently battle this situation. In some circumstances, lead processing becomes de-facto a lucky phenomenon, without a clear strategy.

Here an end-to-end customer relationship platform makes your business memorable. But you needn’t believe us. See for yourself, how it creates winning customer quotations rather than random price quotes.

No More Lead Processing, But Client Management


Lead processing is much harder than it may sound to you… Imagine some quickly perishable and fragile live beings flying from every different direction. Unless immediately attended, they may not even last an hour. Also most leads are a casual enquiry, which doesn’t end in final purchases.

With multiple lead sources and lower shelf life, lead management has become a really difficult task. But even then no serious business could simply let go of an enquiry without putting adequate effort.

A CRM aids you through meeting these client management demands, through fast and secure processing. Through built-in software or pre-set criteria, one can process these leads based on their chances for conversion.

Be First with latest Quotations and Custom Packages


For every industry with variable customer pricing, providing even marginally better package makes large customer turn-over differences. At same time, you cannot possibly spend most part of the day, trying to string together various costing structure.

Kapture CRM variable pricing module puts various factors into a single algorithm, and then determines a definite package which balances price and profit optimally. Now you no longer worry about deals getting lost in transactions.

You can also customize entire package to needs of a single customer, based on his/her specific interest or requirement.

From irksome to welcome; Plan and strategist your Communications


Under hard competition, we are always battling an impulse to bombard with Mailers and phone calls. But even being marginally irksome puts curtains for future communications. Here creating client communications becomes a highly challenging task.

A CRM records each client communication, along with updates for appropriate future communications.

Through keeping in-depth knowledge for every client prospect, you can readily maintain your client communications in a challenging era.

As concerned individual or manager, you can even set a frequency for contacting each client.


Understand Customer requirement, Specialize Your Services

It isn't Just about feelings, but make your every Lead feel Special copy

On the surface every lead looks similar. Often businesses rarely have insights about their requirements or needs.

In an age of personalized marketing, you cannot attract customers with generic packages. These can help you distinguish between casual price hunters and serious customers looking for a fast purchase.

CRM implementation makes quick difference through collecting and segregating your lead enquiries. An automation facility collects maximum information, before being directly contacted.

As Kapture CRM integrates different leads into a single dashboard, you can immediately view and segregate different leads coming through different platforms.

It also allows you to selectively filter out frequent junk enquires with no potential for transaction.


This means that clients are on a progressive cycle for being more and more industrious at their efforts and options.

Most conversations start with high expectation from either sides, but usually there could be some gap in communication or processing and ends up with being latched-up by a competitor.

This information can be used to send personalized invoices, which creates custom quotations fit for their specific tastes.

Don’t wait for right moment, Get your payments on-time

It-feelings, but-every-Lead-Special

Behind many cases where a business fails to get paid on time, there’s a story of irregular invoice or quotation.
These are five central characteristics of an unpaid invoice.
1. Looks and Feels Unprofessional
2. Don’t demonstrate sub-charges
3. Seems to be prepared hurriedly
4. Includes charges for non-services
5. Doesn’t include all charges
6. No-practical ways to get paid on time

Kapture CRM helps you get rid of all these mistakes through a unified platform. Now you can view and update your services rendered to each individual client.

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