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Remember those retro years when your desktop monitor looked bulkier than the Hawaldaars out there? Today it’s all about getting slimmer and handier, be it your body or electronic devices. Similarly, internet cafes have become so obsolete that only your granny might remember experiencing a fun-internet café time. Also, when was the last time you had to get back to your desktop to access the web?Aaam, it has been eternity right?

Mobile technology, adding convenience to “Personal lives”


Today, you have the power in your hands – to use your fingers any way you want and get all that you need from the internet. From easy apps to shop whatever you like or find an address accurately to fun games to keep yourself entertained and apps to book your taxis or hotel rooms, not going mobile is way too lame!

“Businesses” going mobile too

Apart from making personal lives stress-free and clutter-free, effective and wise use of mobile technology has become the game changer for running any business that is looking to grow. From online booking of services CRM to knowing about the products, everything is accessible with just a few clicks.

Here are some interesting statistics to tell you exactly why this is so true:

3The real deal is about adding a “personal” touch to your “businesses”

Customers today have no time in hand and on the go for most hours of the day. With mobile technology, life has way too easy become with just a few clicks. This has raised their expectations to the next level from brands and companies who offer them services or products.


Each customer today expects an easy access to the brands or companies that they are dealing with. This has resulted in numerous channels through which they can resolve their queries. Gone are the days when you had to call up someone and wait for days to get your queries resolved. Today, you can get in touch with the customer care through call-centers, online chats, emails, web applications etc. This has raised the need for using a powerful customer service software to handle all these queries real time on a single platform. KAPTURE is one such platform which comes with inbuilt call center software, task management software and query resolution software to manage your customer queries smoothly.

The age of personalized mobile applications
When most of your audience is on the go for a long time, you are risking a scenario where they are disconnected with your brand and offerings. KAPTURE has provisions to give personalized accounts to your customers on their mobile app.

Its self-service customer service applications the best mobile app for customer service you can ever ask for. The app gives your customers the power to check their latest transactions with your company, shoot their queries and complaints when they are travelling; constantly check status of their complaints and other updates you want to share with them. With a cloud-based mobile app for customer service like KAPTURE, you can only imagine how happy your customers will be!

The best part of KAPTURE is the fact that it can be completely customized based on your business models. It also can generate over 300 reports to measure customer satisfaction index by using its inbuilt customer survey software.

With so many amazing features like these, you don’t have to think twice to go mobile and go KAPTURE!

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