Limit Overcrowding Features in Your CRM Software

How To Avoid Overcrowding Of Unused Features In Your CRM Software


Features are amazing. Features are important. However, features exist to solve problems and issues. If a CRM software feature cannot provide you with the value that you require, or delivers more features than you need, it can get either frustrating or overwhelming for your employees and personnel, who will eventually be working with and handling the CRM software.

CRM software retailers are increasing in number by the day, and this has created a competitive environment around them. To tackle this, retailers are bundling up their software offerings with more and more features, which may or may not prove to be useful for businesses that are looking for that perfect combination of features that will cater to all their business needs, and nothing more.

  • Research and do your homework

Most companies make the mistake of blindly and randomly choosing a CRM software service, and then justifying their decision by boasting how cheap they sourced it for, or how many features their software came equipped with. They believe that those extra features might come in handy at some later date, but cannot back that up with any substantial data.

This is why it is important to realize that the main objective of CRM software is to streamline the internal processes and efficiently achieve business objectives. To this end, you must obtain a clear view of your business and recognize the areas where productivity can be improved by incorporating automation tools or streamlining the processes with the help of CRM.

Once the sub-standard business domains are located, you can then understand which CRM tools can help you potentially improve and boost your overall efficiency. Making informed decisions ensures that you get the most out of your CRM system and your business becomes more prosperous.

  • Consider your employees’ concerns

A CRM software service is meant to be predominantly used by your employees, so it’s logical to interact with them first and understand their opinions before selecting the software.

Discuss with them about the various tools and features that are being offered by the various software retailers, and how they can benefit the business processes. Understanding and matching the feature’s value to your business is winning half the battle, since getting your employees to be able to use that feature without any hassle is equally important.

If your employees feel that although a feature’s value is high, integrating it with the day-to-day business tasks can become too complex and cumbersome, then the CRM software may end up doing more bad than good for you.

  • Don’t be falsely influenced

Every business is different, and so are all their processes and internal workings. This essentially means that there cannot be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ CRM system for the various businesses and industries.

This is all the more reason for companies to cherry pick only the software features that they feel will complement their business requirements. Going along with what your competitors are doing will only lessen the impact that your business has on the market and the customers.

Software retailers often try to convince you to add more features into your CRM package by saying that they will serve to improve your business productivity. In stark contrast, your employees end up wasting an excessive amount of time trying to understand the relevance and embedding it into the daily functions, when they could be performing productive work.

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