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It’s human Nature to resist changes. Especially, it involves permanently altering the way of conducting one’s daily life.

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From a purely evolutionary standpoint humans are equipped to stick with something that’s already working, rather than adapt a risky procedure. Ingrained deep within human psyche, this affects our daily decision making capability and associated skills.

Level of Resistance faced by this change is proportional to magnitude of change. When a change involves direct and immediate change, this resistance becomes paramount.

Why CRM faces Higher Resistance?

CRM faces Higher Resistance

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’. This involves connecting and modifying your business to build a stronger and seamless customer relationship

With continued usage, one can also integrate customer relationship into your business processes. It also helps you to effectively follow employee productivity throughout day.

All these have lead to CRM gaining differing voices within employee community. While some have taken CRM with open-hands, others have taken it for an unassuming change. It’s Human nature to resist changes. Especially, it happens when these changes could be deemed to be at one’s disadvantage.

Under these circumstances, employee resistance could come directly proportional to actual work. As employees are integral part of every organization, one needs to seek and find creative ways of acquiring CRM into daily process.

Encourage Usage, Implement through Stages

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For an organization, looking to adapt CRM software is like adapting a new productive habit. Having everything together is too hard and too impractical.

You need to follow-through with multiple aspects, continued progress based on persistence.

For a common organization, instead of rolling-out complete CRM on a go, you can take multiple stage approach. You can introduce lighter and more promising features like docs management, intra-communication at initial stages. At later stages, you can use better strategies.

In later stages, you can introduce stringent features like reporting, GPS tracking and likewise…

Transcending and Defying Age Groups

Normal CRM adaptation

Normal CRM adaptation is especially hard at situation, where workforce belongs to a higher age group. The issue could also escalate if you are handling a particularly non-technical team. Under these circumstances, one could face a transcending problem.

Here you may focus on basic and rudimentary features of CRM software, getting explanatory face of CRM software. Focusing on core and directly beneficial features lets you transcend these limitations.

Educate CRM Benefits and Features

CRM Benefits and Features

It’s basic human nature to give more stress on disadvantages and forget hardcore benefits. Hold systematic education on features and benefits of CRM.

With foresight, one can educate employees about their most important features, continued with feature improvement and project deliveries.

Yes, we can’t avoid Stick

CRM communications

Even as an employer sticks to lenient methods, one cannot progress purely on a carrot-only system.

In those situations, where you cannot avoid putting stress on your employees, issue summons and periodic-checks for regular implementation of CRM software.

Have CRM only weekdays for internal communications. Now you have direct introspection of employees utilizing CRM communications.

Having to go-through different stages of CRM implementation could be hassle and challenge.

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