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Hotel Booking Software: Managing The Unaccommodating Challenges In Hospitality Industry

Hotel Booking Software

In the year 2016, the hospitality industry is trying hard to find the convergence point between well-empowered consumers and an industry hampering slow-down. The very open nature of the hospitality industry also provides numerous options.

The very open nature of the Internet allows every consumer to hunt down the best possible package or deal.

Simply put, the Hospitality industry should learn to provide the highest quality accommodation at the least possible rate. It will require aggressive cost-cutting measures, customized packages and clarity in understanding the customer needs.

The hotel booking software lets you set-up and coordinates the multiple challenges that are part of daily hospitality operations.

First, let’s look into the hotelier’s ultimate objective.

The basic objective of the hotelier is to maximize the bookings at the best possible rates.

This makes the entire hotel booking system into a more complex system than a simple ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. You also need to be aware of the different parameters that will allow you to take decisions on the best end-package.

In this blog, we will talk about using a hotel booking software to actually fill-up the maximum number of spots. We will also try to uncover the different potential challenges that may compromise your ability to achieve this objective.

The hospitality industry has become Complicated and Compromise-Oriented

Over the last decade, the hospitality industry has become much more complicated and demanding to the particular service providers. Before that, the hoteliers had much more flexibility in managing their customers.

Let me conjure-up some classic sarcasm to explain this point.

Hospitality Booking Software

As obvious it is, the unhappy visitor had fewer booking options and unending hassles in re-planning their trips.

The new phenomenon of online booking has single-handedly turned the situation upside down in the favour of consumers.

Today, the online reviews are a critical part of managing your hotel bookings. If you have an unflattering online review profile, it will undoubtedly shadow your available bookings and enquiries.

According to data, online reviews make some part in forming the buying decision of almost 57% of your audience. It is considered even prioritized before the pricing consideration of the product.

 Hotel Booking CRM

Further, this behavior is most prominent among the millennia who also are the biggest consumer-group in the hospitality industry.

The big guys are also by large the most price-conscious group. They are often quite picky about their purchase choices.

This means that you should cater to multiple visitor requirements in your product.

In this article, we will discuss how hotelier booking software that could be positively impacting your total booking and accommodation facilities.

Availing Customized Visitor Packages

The secret of increasing sales in the modern economy is personalization and 1:1 customer management. The present-day visitor is adept at weighing-in on the different factors that may lead to acquiring custom visitor packages.

The Pricing is certainly a prime factor among the different factors.

If you want to attract and leverage each prospect, you should start providing tailored quotes for each client. With the usual online conversion rate in the hospitality industry of only around 2-3%, this activity can easily cost you the major portion of the day.

At the same time, tweaking individual quotes is the easiest way to land more deals and lucrative margins.

The hotelier software with integrated rate contracting system lets you understand every aspect of your sales process.

This also allows you to easily calibrate and generate specific sales deals. This also includes the number of users, days of stay, facilities, related services, accidental expenses etc.

You can also have greater flexibility in creating and managing your travel packages.

Managing online portals and Review aggregators

It’s no secret that online buying decisions are governed by online portals and review aggregates. These include websites such as Trip advisor, yelp and casual mentions in social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Quora, etc

The secret of managing online customer reviews is smart and on-time response. In these cases, you should incorporate multiple user features, which are the ingredients of a sound product package.

The hotelier service package also lets you aggregate all online reviews in a single platform.

Managing Overbooking with Customer Disappointment

According to data, hoteliers are known to regularly overbook the available rooms with the expectation of later drop-offs. In these cases, a certain portion of bookings could be replacing the absent booking requests.

In the end, the hotelier is expected to balance between the bookings and available spots.

On the unfortunate flip side, the hotelier may end up with too many consumers. Now they have to over-compensate the available spots or fix on a competing service.

A hotel booking platform lets you oversee and manage each incoming customer for your package. You can also maintain a regular backlog of customers.

With carefully streamlining the active users, you can avoid the unfortunate situation of walking a customer. It also enables you to maintain a positive online profile and high customer expectations.

This also allows you to eliminate the losses due to inconvenient booking practices.

Creating Consumer Perks and Added benefits

In the competitive hospitality industry, it’s within the incentive of the service provider to attract visitors through added perks and incentives.

For the hotelier, this may usually take multiple forms. For example, a loyal consumer could be provided with free site-seeing tours or free visitor packages.

In these cases, you should maintain an in-depth consumer account to follow each and every consumer activity.

This also lets you offer specific incentives to buy certain packages or services.


Today, the hospitality Industry is mainly governed by competition that constantly shaves-off margins and takes away specific accommodation specialties.

The hospitality CRM Platform lets you face-up and navigates the particular challenges of the hospitality industry.

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