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Kapture CRM Software for Hotels

Win at Guest relationships, customer acquisition and Lead management

Deliver guest experiences that spark long lasting customer relationships with Kapture hotel management software! The platform enables you to fill-up the reservation spots, ensure customer satisfaction and realize optimal profit margins. The hotel reservation software is geared to manage all your complete hotel reservations and payments. Now ensure consistently warm guest experiences with Kapture CRM for hotel industry!

All-in-one front desk software to manage all your guest requirements

Each passing year has your potential guests raising their expectation of quality and a yearning to discover better pricing packages, right?

For balancing both these aspects, you need hotel management software that covers all aspects of your hospitality operations.

The world’s smartest hotelier such as Royal orchid hotels and GEO adventure and FCM travels manage and streamline their daily operations through Kapture hotel management software!

The hotels CRM combines the different tools and features to run a better hospitality operation.

  • Integrate different API's to manage different online portals
  • Comprehensively manage all your service Teams
  • Drive Repeat Customers
  • Automate reservation alerts
  • Native app for both android and IOS users
  • Streamline your daily sales and business operations
  • Access Detailed performance Reports

The hotel CRM platform lets you oversee and manage the various bottlenecks and challenges in your hotel management.


Start getting regular leads and converting them into customers with Kapture hotel booking management! Now you can combine all potential lead sources and streamline all leads into a single Kapture dashboard. Win more guests, serve more visitors and attract more return visitors with the complete hotel lead management software!

Customer Accounts

Manage all your customer interactions and operations in the central hospitality CRM dashboard. The unified hotel reservation system lets you store and retrieve all customer data. Now start delivering personalized guest experiences based on the available guest data. Now manage operations through the completely integrated hotel booking management.

Lead Dashboard

Manage all your leads collectively from a single dashboard. Reach and acquire your most eager customers before the competition. Also maximize the ROI through iterating the campaign budgeting based on the current channel performance. View all bookings through the hotel management system software!


Customize our hospitality CRM software to your operations and make it your biggest ally. Integrate your customers’ accounts with Kapture CRM’s management tools and manage them with ease.


Streamline and manage your specific customer inquiries with ease! The hotel reservation software lets you answer the particular query or assign them to the right authority.


Kapture’s hotel lead management software lets you run targeted campaigns to acquire and covert highly qualified prospects. Now be more efficient and concise with your daily sales operations to acquire more customers.


Kapture CRM packs-in everything to convert your incoming enquiries into completed spot bookings. It integrates your different payment gateways into a single dashboard. Also calculate and release instant custom quotes with the integrated rate contracting software!


Kapture CRM helps you track all individual bookings on a single cloud- hotel reservation software. Now track all your incoming enquiries and acquired bookings in a single hotels CRM dashboard. Now start to recognize and build on your most potential lead sources.


Receive and update all payment intimations in a single hotel CRM dashboard. The cloud-based payment dashboard updates real-time information about the received, pending and due payments.


Start to understand and make insights from your hotel marketing activities with Kapture CRM marketing reports and analytics. Now recognize and encourage your most productive marketing campaigns and channels to effectively reach your potential guests. Also, get comprehensive understanding about all the other aspects of your hospitality business.


Comprehensively run and manage multiple campaigns from a single dashboard. You can also decide on each campaign objective such as promoting hotel’s packages and deals, and increase the chances of your leads turning into bookings.


Get access to more than 350 in-built reports, along with a custom report engine that lets you create your own reports with custom metrics. The unified hotel CRM dashboard gives you a single-glance view and understanding of all the relevant metrics. Now turn your collected data into more guests and better business!

Start to craft valuable Guest experiences with Kapture Hotels CRM