Hack and Reinvent your Service Culture to create a Successful Business

Customer Service in Business

Let us simply state a fact – satisfaction is the goal, consistency is the mean.

According to research firm McKinsey & Company, delivering consistently high customer service CRM is the focal point of modern customer satisfaction. Unless you could be consistent, you will just end-up making sporadic efforts to strike a chord with the customers.

In this sense, it becomes greatly more important to understand and tackle the customer culture paradox.

Do I invest more time and energy? Should I outsource my support? Should I actually have a customer support?

All these questions happen to have the same answers – Yes. In this blog, we will try to substantiate this claim and more…

Significance of culture in customer Support

Ok, now we know that consistency is important, what can we do to achieve it?

The consistency is achieved as a result of repeated customer satisfaction. If you can boil down these steps to a set of protocol, it’s a big step towards generating consistent results.

A protocol practically ensures that everyone gets to follow a series of well-understood steps to manage your customer issues. It will help you oversee and manage every incurring customer complaint.

Apart from the protocol, you should also have a team willing to take over the series of protocol. This ensures that the suggested protocol is efficiently followed during each step.

Finally, the combination of a successful team and protocol allows you to develop a great service culture.

In this article, we will discover the benefits of a solid customer service culture. We will also discuss about the unique advantages that you can pass through establishing a unique business culture.

Customer Service isn’t just a Single Transaction

The customer service process is used to exceed a single one-time transaction. Most of the times, it would carry-on with a recurring queries of the same issue.

For this, you should be able to establish a consistent way of managing repeated customer queries. This should involve multiple transactions along the different touch points.

For this, you should create and establish multiple touch points across the business.

According to aviation consultancy, you may need to handle over 15 unique touch points for every customer. This means that all conversations are well-managed to create a better business proposition.

customer service culture

Instead of tabbing between multiple service portals, a service suit will allow your service executive to focus on providing productive customer solutions.

This process helps you establish a healthy rapport with your customer base.

Display Customer Service Generosity

If you want to differentiate your business, you should be able to go beyond providing cut-and-dried answers to customer queries. When you are going beyond the normal reply to a query, you can call it customer service generosity.

Most of the successful companies are known to go way beyond their normal obligations to ensure customer satisfaction.

In other words, you should be ready to provide a little more time and energy to gain customer satisfaction.

A service suit allows your entire customer service to be managed from a single platform. This involves receiving, understanding and supplementing the entire query cycle.

Optimize for the Human Element in Service Activities

Even with the availability of different digital options, the customers still prefer traditional phone and email support at 60% and 61% respectively. This is an indication that customers love the involvement of the human element in resolving their actual queries.

The service suite lets you ensure that your support procedure is more suited to incorporate the human element.

If you can establish the human element, it will allow you to incorporate better communications in the process. This will allow you to scale better on the customer satisfaction scale.

Control the time for resolutions

According to Plus net blog, lack of speed in resolving queries is one of the most important reasons for dissatisfied customers. The lack of speed resolutions is often taken for a lack of agility.

Graph service culture

The ticketing methodology is a comprehensive means of resolving queries within the given time period. This involves streamlining all queries and upcoming queries to a single dashboard. It ensures that all queries are meant to generate absolute issue resolutions.


Having to consistently acquire high customer satisfaction is an easy and direct way to establish the success of your business.

By creating a successful customer service culture, you can ensure that your support team remains a robust and a coherent unit. This will also enable you to resolve your queries within a given amount of time.

This will ensure that your businesses remain geared to achieve faster growth and success.

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