Google My Business Review API Integration With Kapture

Introducing Google My Business Review Integration With Kapture

With Kapture’s seamless Google Business Review integration, you as a business can incorporate customer reviews into Kapture. This integration turns reviews on Google into Kapture entries. 

This configuration is extremely easy and next time when someone writes about how amazing your business is, Kapture will add this information to your account.

No Code API Integration For Google Business Review

With a simple configuration, you can set up your Google My Business account in no time. Select Conversation under the Configuration tab and click on Google Review Setup. (Configuration>Conversation>Google Review Setup).

Google My Business Review API Integration

Click on Add Google Business Review and allow required permission to authorize. Once done, fill in the required information like Auth Key and that’s it!!! 

This integration is simpler than it sounds. 

Key Highlights of Google Business Review Integration: 


1.) Create Ticket

As soon as a review is submitted, it will automatically create a ticket in Kapture. Agents can view the ticket along with the user information.  

2.) Create Reply

If an agent wants to respond to a review, he/she can do so by just responding to the review ticket created on Kapture and it will create a reply on Google My Business review. 

3.) Multiple Location Support 

You can link multiple Google My Business accounts with Kapture for different locations. 

4.) Get Most Out of Your Workflow

As a customer support platform, Kapture helps you get the most out of your workflow so your teams can focus on important tasks and function more efficiently. 

If you want to know more about API Integration For Google Business click here for a demo.


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