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4 tips to improve business productivity with a mobile CRM

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If you are still in two minds about turning your business into the mobile-centric model, let us present you the facts that will stare you right in the eyes.

Approximately, 2.8 billion people reached out and connected through their mobile devices in the last year alone. With the expectation of incremental growth in the near future, mobile customer relationships are going to take a more pivotal place for businesses.

From the perspective of business, this dynamics could act as a double-edged sword – you can either leverage your existing process to improve your business or fall prey to the comparatively better-adapted competitors.

A business-integrated technology such as mobile CRM Software allows you to play a more central role in establishing a successful business ecosystem. This will help you create much closer relationships with your customers.

In this blog, we will examine the different aspects of Mobile CRM that could help you incrementally improve your business solutions. We will also discuss specific ways that mobile CRM could modify your current business dynamics.

1. Creating a Mobile-centric Supply Chain and Value Distribution

Even in a traditional business model, the value of a supply chain is determined by the availability of accurate and up-to-date information. The mobile-centric supply chain can establish a smooth sharing of information across team hierarchies.

A mobile-enabled supply chain will be more intelligent at handling the stock status and demand for goods across different communication touch points. It will also allow an easy overview of stock availability across each touch point.

In turn, this will help get the stocks easily distributed and managed across your entire stock distribution chain. Further, you can gain a higher value for your distribution network that provides greater penetration and visibility across your market.

2. Creating an inbuilt information feedback-Loop

Most of the business delays are caused due to delays in availing and acquiring information. This usually in-turn depends on the availability of both parties.

Secondly, the confirmation of the availed information is also a source of further confusion and delays.

Mobile CRM forms a dedicated communication link between businesses and clients. As all information is available on a single platform, it’s also easy to correct errors and point out inconsistencies in the recorded data.

For example, if the manager considers a high-value client, he can take it up for immediate review and processing.

This could potentially be an effective way to manually choose and prioritize between different clients.

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It can make mobile CRM into a quick enabler to even slow-moving business activities that may limit your organizational speed.

3. Achieving Greater productivity with better Team Control

The term productivity is usually associated with getting more work done in lesser time. Still better, it can also mean more revenue generating activity within a given time limit.

Wait, let us explain.

Usually, most of the productivity-boosting protocols involve segmenting and giving independent control to each team manager. In turn, these teams will be responsible for a higher amount of work output. Even if this model could easily improve work output per employee, the effect of collective organizational productivity is much dubious.

It will also mean that your productivity is no-longer constricted to the pipeline effect in your workflow.

The mobile CRM platform will be a much more useful form of productivity boost that enables your entire organization.

The enterprise mobility system will enable each employee to communicate with the consented departments or teams. This will minimize the protocol to obtain tighter integration between different teams and individuals.

This will give constant feedback on your employee performance in your integrated dashboard.

In this way, you can control the trade-off between segmentation and teamwork towards deriving greater teamwork or productivity.

4. Establish a Definite Process flow and checklist in your core activities

In the present business ecosystem, forcing employees to work additional hours is an easy way to lose their core efficiency. Otherwise, this may end-up with pondering the core-activities on each turn. A mobile CRM helps you establish a definite process flow to manage your business activities.

A mobile CRM will help you establish a definite checklist to improve your business flow. This will also help you establish a strategically streamlined decision-making process.


The current market dynamics dictate a closely connected seller-buyer ecosystem. This means that the mobile CRM app could be your trump card to achieve greater business productivity.

The mobile CRM enables you to stay connected with your team and customers. This will also help you accelerate your flow of business decisions.

In-turn, this will help you understand and leverage your normal daily decision-making processes. This will also give an on-the-pulse understanding of business mechanisms and possible hurdles.

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