Kapture CRM Marketing Automation

5 ways how marketing automation system could spearhead your business

Kapture CRM Marketing Automation

From the early decades of database capturing to the 21st century of marketing and selling Rolexes, CRM has always been responsible for the constant upgrades in the sales and customer service modules of businesses.

For the purpose of organizing information and tracking sales, CRM has proven to be the best resources to date. However, when it comes to the marketing aspect of products and services, there is a need for an integration of the marketing automation feature with that of the CRM.

Here are a few simple reasons why marketing automation integration, with your business CRM module, could be an essential tool in spearheading your business:

1. Prioritize leads with sales team

Online interactions that prospects have with a company can be very well planned with the help of a marketing automation system. You can now score leads based on the specific kind of profiles of customers that you’re hoping to target and ensure that you give your sales representatives, the best of the potential leads.

2. Speedier sales process

With the help of marketing automation, CRM can have the business’s prospect of customers move faster through the sales pipeline! With a help of a meticulously devised marketing automation plan, you can let the marketers nurture the leads existing in the pipeline, by various means like email campaigns, content campaigns, social media marketing, and outreach.

3. Delivering leads that are ‘sales-ready’

Good and effective marketing automation will make use of your CRM database to have one-on-one communications with prospective clients. This will help in creating more sales-ready leads and help the sales team in converting as many leads as possible.

4. Increase revenue with lead nurturing

Better educated and well-aware buyers are generally the leads which can be nurtured. Companies which can excel at lead nurturing have better chances of having sales-ready leads.

5. Collaborate with best means

Marketing and sales team can collaborate best with the integration of marketing automation to the CRM and make smarter decisions. Saving time, energy and money, to pull in best resources for the business, can be made possible with viable collaborations.
Marketing automation grants the much-needed visibility into customer behavior by the means of gathering information on them, based on their web and other social activities, which helps businesses to know the readiness of their prospective clients.

Such integration promotes efficiency across the entire CRM hierarchy and prevents manual duplication of data and information as well. An integration of this order is also what helps your company in saving the time and money of your sales teams and thus helps them in focusing on what they do the best- focusing on actual sales.

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