Time utilization with CRM

Top 5 Task Management Software Applications To Better Utilize Time And Energy

Time utilization with CRM

Management of time is a term that is often taken too lightly and in the case of business management, where time would be of the essence, you really have no room for delays and errors now, do you? If you are overwhelmed with the thought of all the daily activity sheets that you have to go through, for various clients and your own office employees and wondering where time flies by without productivity, you might need the CRM the most.

With the help of a CRM, time management is no longer just an oxymoron or even a concept weaving in people’s thoughts. It is actually possible to manage the time slots for employees and have the best results for a business with the help of these amazing effective CRM features.

1. Daily and task-based reports

Your system dashboards of a CRM include daily reports, or even weekly and monthly report options, which will let you overview the entire activity of the sales funnel, for multiple clients and all at the same time. When you are able to view analytics in such a short span and make informed decisions in no time, it really does help your sales team in performing better and in your business getting more customers.

2. Pre-designed invoices and quotations

Gone are the days when you had to manually create invoices, or every client and then rework on the same invoices on a monthly/project basis. Now with the help of the CRM features, you can ensure that your invoice making procedures take less or no time of yours! Pre-designed templates for various industries are now available with the CRM and they surely make sure that billing doesn’t take up much of your time anymore.

3. Re-allotting leads with Lead management

At times, leads brought in by the company, from various lead sources, may prove to be futile or very stagnant. Other times, it might just be easy to save time and money by asking sales representatives, in an existing territory, to take over the same area code client. This way, allotting and re-allotting leads with the CRM ensures that you get the most out of your sales team as well.

4. Real-time activity and GPS

As the name suggests, GPS and real-time data lets you have an overview and update the status of every activity in the CRM in that very moment itself. You no longer need to waste time by waiting for the end of day updates to chalk out the plan of actions.

5. Calendar activities

A simple yet very intriguing feature of the CRM, a calendar marking activities and setting meeting reminders for salesmen as an example, is what will help your business in managing time, in the most basic yet effective way.

CRM as software works perfectly for business owners or company managers, who don’t have time to spare and look into individual activities at all times. With the multiple features of CRM, you can now manage your business activities, schedule them and the time of your employees and create harmony between your employees and client’s interactions. There isn’t always an easy way to work things but there can always be a better and faster way!

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