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5 Significant Cues To Consider While Interviewing A Sales Professional

Kapture Cues for interviewing a sales professional It’s no secret that a successful sales person isn’t created overnight; when you look at history, almost all famous sales persons have gone through lean patches before they proceeded to refine and distill their approaches.

In previous generations, successful professionals had the opportunity to attend low stake meetings, where they could afford to fail and improve on their skills. But the modern sales arena is governed by cut-throat market competition. This simply means that most organizations cannot afford to follow the old-school ‘crash-and-learn’ strategy.

With these constraints in mind, there are two courses of action that can be chosen by a sales representative. You can hire a highly successful sales professional or go with a newbie showing great promise.

No matter which course you take, these five cues will guide you while choosing a sales rep that will actually make a big difference.
(We are using the connotation ‘he’ to keep this article simple)

1. Does he carry authentic appeal?

Remember that your selected candidate will be the face of your business in client meetings. Everyone wants to converse with a person who is honest and humble rather than tiptoeing around important issues.

This goes far beyond a shallow smile and a strong handshake. A good sales person will permeate authenticity and goodwill during his conversation with a prospect or a client.

One should have a genuine interest in solving problems faced by the client. When all you are interested in, is just pushing your individual agenda, your meeting could easily run into a deadlock and alas…

2. Does he have adequate technical knowledge?

When a sales person is handling technically knowledgeable clients, a hard question can easily knock over even the most ruggedly-built sales pitch. Some prospects even take great pride in challenging sales people with hard questions. Due to this, sales people are rarely enthusiastic about getting down to technical facts and explaining them.

This puts technical expertise as a great qualifier and a good differentiator in the modern sales ecosystem. Most IT and marketing managers would want to converse with a sales representative who understands the specific implications of their issues.

3. Is he a good conversationalist?

All successful sales persons have well-developed conversation skills. Rather than just plain wordily communication, a good conversationalist needs to understand his listener’s intent and interest. Consequently, he will be able to understand and modify the course of a conversation at any point of time.

4. Does he have patience and persistence?

Today most products and services need to go through lengthy sales pipeline. It means that a sales professional should possess voluminous patience and persistence. Rather than an outburst of irritability, it may seep in as small hints of loss of interest.

5. Is he a good negotiator?

If the intended candidate passes the challenges mentioned above, you can take him to the final stage. To really learn about your candidate’s negotiation skills, use this technique.

Just sit back and let him name his own price. A good a sales person should self-navigate and quantify the value of his talent. If one is able to accurately price one’s own services, it will truly reflect on his future performance as a sales representative.

Having right skills and personality is essential for succeeding in modern sales environment.

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