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Can any volume of marketing leads or cold calling exchanges make a sales guy concede that he finally have got enough leads?

Let’s say that it’s a close to impossible proposition.

Sales people are blemished to have a sharp snout to sniff around for non-existent sales opportunities. Almost 95% of leads are known to go wasted even after mountain scaling efforts.

All these can hold your hand that leads to one final perspective – More leads result in more sales, Right?


As a matter of fact, almost 70% of sales leads are invalid and need to be educated about buying value before being handed over to sales teams.Often, the low quality of leads could be a source of friction between the marketing and sales teams.

Inevitably, this discrepancy leads to the question of leads volume v/s quality argument.

In this situation, sales executives are required to be efficient and resourceful about managing their prospects. You cannot resolve this situation by simply being persistent about their sales moves.

Persistence is a means, not a strategy

Often, the sales professional operates within a marketplace that happens to be highly conscious about their time and energy.

In the present sales environment, patience is much more important than persistence for sales success.

Every time you try to contact your prospect without any result, you are waning on this very significant resource.

If you want to win and retain your customer base, you should present realistic scenario of improving customer life or product. In this article, we will discuss about means of enabling your sales force to reach this objective.

Otherwise, you are liable to easily exhume your prospects razor thin patience before deciding closure.


Successful sales teams have a definite approach to attract and leverage maximum attraction. This responsibility
cannot be allocated to a sales or marketing team.

As the primary objective, you need to figure out the definite reason that leads to depreciating performance. This could be personal failures or process inefficiency that leads to overall detrimental team performances.

The key to successful strategy is to understand and avoid potential mistakes.

A sales team without a definite strategy doesn’t deserve or should expect definite wins. Like throwing dart in the dark, you may have occasional wins.


In the previous generation, the role of a sales guy had been just to act as a mediator between the organization and Client. This predisposition has taken a dramatic U-turn in the recent years. According to stats, almost 80% of sales performance could be improved by adequate training.

In-order to be effective, the present day sales personnel should be effective problem solvers.

For this, the sales team should be first able to understand the client perspective in a productive way.

Experience + Knowledge + Opportunity management = Sales Success

At the same time, you should ensure that your solutions are amiable to ensure long-term client retention. This helps you ensure that you are able to manage clients in an increasingly positive way.


As any experienced sales person may qualify, generating high quality leads just forms the first hurdle in customer acquisition.

According to studies, the lead response within the first five minutes will ensure highest quality for prospect response.

Consider the image below. In the first hour, you will be enjoying having a high response for leads. Afterwards, you will go through an incrementally sharp drop in the lead response.

Most businesses are genuinely looking forward to make the best use of incoming opportunities.


In successful sales teams, almost 50% – 60% of the daily sales challenges are navigated by the concerned sales managers.In this sense, the duty of sales managers is to ingrain right knowledge and perspective into their ongoing sales activities.

A modern sales deal is closed after considering market option that involves comparative evaluation of options and prices.

Considering Market Option

This requires your team to be tethered to close communication platform to accelerate decision making and consequent deal closure. In order to leverage this situation, you need an independent platform like sales CRM.

This also allows you to increase your future conversations.


As mentioned earlier, the quality of incoming leads are important factors which determine final sales success.

In-case your marketing team is overusing bulk lead generation techniques like E-mail marketing; it may end-up with your sales teams chasing the cat’s tail.

This could turn into an overwhelming source of friction between sales and marketing teams.

By having a clearly articulated lead qualification process, you can create pre-set qualifications for every lead. This also helps you create and win-over brand new opportunities.


In a modern economy, your sales success cannot be derived from number of calls made or prospects attended to. You need to have a definite system to leverage and maximize the existing opportunities.

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