Customer Data Management

Smarter ways to manage your customer data for better productivity

Customer Data Management

Most businesses thrive on understanding their customers.

The right customer understanding can get you closer to your customers than competitors. Meanwhile, this equation can equally act in the opposite way. If you don’t understand your customers, you may end-up trying to reach and serve the wrong audience.

Imagine that understanding your customers is like trying to connect a number of dots. If your dots are fragmented or all-over the place, the picture of your customer may also have a similar quality.

With this in mind, creating well-rounded customer image becomes an act of finding and connecting all the dots of your customer profile. This requires you to consistently collect customer data as a part of your normal business procedure.

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Creating a Complete Customer Image

For developing a complete customer picture, you need to collect all the important dots of customer image. For this, you need to have an efficient system for collecting customer data.

Business can’t complete an end to end customer profile in a single sweeping data fill-up process. You should have a system that facilitates continuous data collection to help you fulfill the customer image.

For example, a detailed customer profile looks something like this.


For this, you need to understand and leverage the multiple touch points of customer interactions. A detailed customer profile may consist of up to 20 to 25 individual data points.

In-order to develop customer dynamics, you need to develop a complete picture of the customer.

Now, let’s discuss about the different challenges and their significance for improving your data quality.

Maintaining High Data Fidelity & Keeping-Out Duplicate Data

If collecting the customer data is pain staking, the wrong customer data may damage your business. This situation requires you to carefully manage and evaluate your customer data to collect better insights.

An advanced CRM platform can automate the data management and information collection by your users. It can also guard you against price-hunting customers entering duplicate data into your database.

A practice of maintaining high data fidelity enables you to understand accurate audience demographics and perspectives.

Cleaning out your CRM data

With the passage of time, your existing customer data may be abandoned or get invalidated. If the ratio of void customer data gets overwhelming, it may start undermining the quality of other customer data. This situation requires you to manage quality of available user data.

Otherwise, you may simply end up trying to reach customers or prospects through customer data that are no longer relevant or being used by the concerned prospect.

This requires you to clean or refresh your existing customer data. In these cases, the invalidated data may start throwing-off evaluation of your entire customer data.

Instead of discarding or deleting the obviously out-of-date data, you can try to reinvigorate it through updating the existing data set. For example, you can utilize the different customer contact points to retrieve surrounding user data aspects.


Often, most businesses end-up with a business process quite different from their ongoing process. In these circumstances, they may grow to bias their operations based on partial customer data. A CRM platform helps you fulfill your data collection requirements and create in-depth picture of your customers.


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  1. Customer data is only valuable if it is up to date. In today’s omni-channel world, people interact with a business through multiple touch points that empowers the need of a robust customer identity management solution. A system that is capable of producing unified customer profiles is needed for the purpose of serving the best.

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