Mobile CRM features

Five Critical Mobile CRM Features for Increased Selling Power

Mobile CRM features

Are your sales getting stagnated? Can you manage your meeting timeline? And why are the prospects undecided about fixing deals?

All these important questions are left unanswered most of the times.

Mobile CRM combines multiple features that enable you to find on-time answers to these pressing challenges and even more…

Ticket Issuing and Team Task Allocation

When you are managing a team of 5 or more, it’s inevitable that you end up in a situation of decision-clash. You can get confused about allocating meetings or sending the right sales execs to meetings. You can also have traction between employees about attending a high-stake prospect meeting.

mobile CRM dashboard can display all available sales executives and their designation. This enables individuals to meet and resolve noteworthy challenges.

Ticket issuing also ensures that all your communications are streamlined along the right channels and deserves the right attention. Mobile CRM allows you to view and allocate tasks according to employee merit and availability.

Streamline Meeting Pattern and Fix Opportunity

According to research, sales employees spend almost 70% of their time arranging meetings and entering data. A CRM-oriented process provides an easy and straightforward way of managing a meeting pattern.

GPS-enabled Location tracking lets you plot customer and prospect location across entire geography. This enables you to take more progressive steps at arranging new meetings on an immediate basis. This enables you to keep your prospects inside your sales influence, creating a sustainable and committed relationship in the future.

This also enables you to automate the creation of customer groups that plots all opportunities within a specific locality.

Keeping Tab on Live Meetings

Most sales managers are unduly kept in the dark between allocating meeting and completion of the meeting. Most of the time, meeting commencement and process overview are still out-of-reach for employees.

This period of non-communication could turn out to be the reason for prospective deals falling through the cracks or missing an up-selling opportunity. These situations leave much desired and sales targets unachieved.

Mobile CRM facilitates you to sign-in and off every meeting. This gives a mobile CRM intimation to the concerned manager.

Further, the concerned manager could be on standby to give instructions or deal approvals. This enables you to accelerate deal processing and acquire orders faster. This enables you to ensure that all customer suggested deals are going on a fast rail.

Track Employee across Geography

In most situations, sales opportunities are quick to rise and pass-by. One needs to be ready and available to grasp and arrange most meetings. By using Mobile-GPS tracking, you can follow employee transit across geography. Coupled with arranging prospect meetings, you can evaluate employee progress along multiple sales locations.

This allows you to fix immediate meetings while keeping your fingers crossed. By coupling with Mobile-GPS, you can follow sales employee transit across geography.

Receive instant Reports and Process Updates

Most businesses are characteristically content with receiving end-of-the-day reports.

Most businesses are content with receiving end-of-the-day reports. As these reports are focused on sales figures, they fail to convey true situation at its entirety. The end-of-the-day reports fail to convey prospect progress, average customer budgeting, business meetings etc…

You can also evaluate the progress of prospects at any time and point of the day.


Even with the prevalence of Digital and E-commerce sales, direct selling to customers remains a priority income source for most business. This situation requires you to connect and engage with your customer-base, probably through a dedicated tool.

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