Business insights: Sharper Sales Negotiation Tactics for Better Margins

Top Sales Negotiation Tactics Kapture CRM

At its basics, Sales is primarily an act of balancing between demand and asking price; Art of negotiation is raising the value of a potential product above customer’s expected price. Here sales negotiation tactics from both business and customer at critical at determining the relative price point.

A successful sales negotiator knows the time to push for margins and when to be appeased with available margins. Here are some key business insights that help you put base prices while negotiating on either side of the table. With a thorough understanding of these sales negotiation tactics, you can start communicating with your customers the right-way.

Assign a Base Price at Beginning

At start, Intention is Decision

According to research, negotiations reach an average price-point within first five minutes of starting negotiation.

First and Foremost, every transaction is dependent on an established base price. It’s the process of putting a price on the table, thereby establishing a mental reference price for the product. This could be done by both customer and seller. If you are just starting your business or looking to quickly amass publicity, getting right introductory prices becomes more important.

Instead of depending on pure intuition, an account management system can help you guide your pricing decisions to optimal point.

The relevant base price is usually based on who establishes most pressing base price. For a business, there are arguably many ways to manage a customer according to his/her previous interactions. This data comes useful at time of initial price setting.

If you are looking to negotiate a deal, you should establish a base price. This base price should be according to previous transactions.

In an online scenario, there are various ways for establishing this price. A sales person can put a high price for premium services. Afterwards put-forth a lower price for more admissible service.

Try Avoiding Multiple Negotiation Sessionspost1

Multiple Negotiations increase commitments without any chances of getting a better deal.Having multiple client negotiations eats away both your margin and time.

As every new negotiation could simply put-forth a new base price, while recurring negotiations makes it easier for businesses to put forth a new price and get better margins. A business should be looking to set a limited number of negotiations, with similar price points across the industry.

If you are buyer, you should try to arrange multiple points and drive a deal at a point that suits your requirement.
1. If you are Seller, you could benefit by completing the deal at the earliest in best price point.

2. If you are client you should wait until second or third negotiation to get best price.

Whether to have a fixed or Flexible Margin?


It’s an eternal struggle to decide whether to have fixed or flexible margins.According to customer’s studies, most people think that flexible margins are a symbol of weakness and weak quality.

At the same time, these same customers are more than ready to drive a hard bargain.It’s easy to set a fixed profit margin and avoid hassle of negotiating with each customer. But, It can also put a genuine dent on your total transactions, according to Psychology of bargaining.In connecting to psychological studies, driving a hard bargain can excite the pleasure centers of the brain.

Marketers have utilized this from an age of ancient commerce and continues to do that in the online world.

Coupons are a form of Online Bargaining


Through applying right coupons the buyers can get price decrease as a result of their activity. It is consistent with an experience of negotiating a better price.

A consumer with an option to use Coupon is found to consistently purchasing more and higher priced products. If a consumer is liable to use a coupon code with-in a short time window, they are also more likely to go-through completion of purchase.

All these have made coupons a favorite and easy form of marketing for most industries and marketeers.

If you are buying online, as a consumer you cannot go-down that a certain and intended price tag. So it’s not a negotiation tactic, as you cannot individually affect the final price. However, these general principles that could help you make smarter choices.

1. If you are a seller, you should have wide array of product choices within your chosen area of expertise. It helps you through increased buying options, with every product giving similar usage.

2. While buying online, you need to be aware of the tricks given above. You also should be able to decide that you don’t actually need a product.

Starting Negotiations is easy, Ending them is Hard

Anyone can enter into a negotiation battle. But the hard part is coming-out winners. Or sometimes, simply ending and walking out of a negotiation could be equally difficult. You may be facing an endless debate that doesn’t seem to go anywhere…

In the end, you could have wasted solid five working hours and nothing to show for a result.Ideally, you should be able to walk-out of negotiation room if you are not able to draw discussion near your desired base price. At these cases, you could end-up negotiating multiple times on a price set by a seller, which is hard to be brought down.

Anyway, dragging-on with a negotiation is simply a bad business move. This simply means that you are now committed to reach a conclusion as either party has invested too much time and effort on table. Otherwise, get ready for a shouting match and negative business publicity.

A business CRM looking for best value for its production, it should provide a meaningful means of communication rather than shielding oneself from customers. Kapture CRM is a business tool software that helps you engage and communicate with your customers in a better way.

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