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CRM Tool For Real Estate: CRM software applications in the real estate industry

Understanding automation in business process with Kapture ERP

The real estate industry is known for its volatility and unpredictability. In order to be successful, real estate businesses should thrive on creating new and engaged business relationships.

A CRM tool for real estate can help you achieve this objective.

Let’s see why it’s so.

Real estate agents are known to be always on their toes and attach paramount importance to time. A real estate professional should be able to identify and communicate with a potential lead opportunity at the earliest.

For example, let’s consider the case of initial lead interaction. To be successful, the realtor should beat the competition at recognizing valuable leads and then converting them into engaged prospects, project visits, prospects etc.

Only, that this is rarely the case. Most real estate owners are weighed down by multiple tasks and ongoing operations.

For this reason, real estate businesses don’t have a simple and straightforward way to acquire new customers. In other words, the real estate businesses can’t expect a slam dunk to be handed over to their businesses.


In this situation, the real estate booking operator should take a more comprehensive outlook at managing the entire scope of your realtor operations. This will also help you to effectively resolve the individual customer issues.

Rather the real estate operator needs to manage and collaborate between multiple processes that’ll lead to the conversion of the prospective lead into a paying customer.

It’s time the real estate agents ditch the generic excel sheets and other such manual databases. Not only are those methods getting redundant but also an inefficient use of realtor time and energy.

In a situation like this when all the real estate agencies are competing against each other, time is, indeed, a key deciding factor and smart tools can change the whole game and make use of Mobile CRM tool for real estate.

Let me enumerate what makes the CRM platform such an important part of managing successful business operations.


Consider this straightforward quote ‘Even the best tool becomes of any use only when it’s accessible when you need it’.

The question applies to the CRM tool for the real estate industry. A mobile CRM tool gives you access to the customer database and interactions.

This will help you access a better way to manage your entire realtor operations from anywhere, anytime…

Kapture CRM’s mobile CRM enables you to run a more efficient form of your business operations.


The field operations are an important part of every sales team.

Let me explain this based on the prescribed circumstances.

For example, your sales team could be expected to manage multiple opportunities by meeting people in-person. A field sales system can help you track and manage those opportunities in the most optimal fashion.

In addition, you can automate keeping track of keeping a tab on your vendors, brokers and other middle-level management. Within the Kapture’s real estate CRM tool, you can automate tracking and get updates for every phase of the sales cycle.


The real estate industry is known to suffer from chronically low conversion rates. Most real estate businesses would secretly concede that they have low single-digit lead to sales conversion ratio.

A CRM tool for real estate helps you manage the entire scope of increasing the conversion ratio.

For example, a frequent reason for low conversion is the lack of personalization at managing individual leads.

A lead is much likely to become an interesting prospect if you’ll take the time and energy to send offers that are customized to his/her location or budget.

With a CRM tool, you can manage a strong relationship with your pool of existing customers. You can instantly tag the level of interest of each customer as hot, warm or cold.

In this way, the online CRM system will help you segregate and focus on your most targeted prospects. In turn, you can follow-up by sending highly targeted messages to this segregated list of customers.


Almost all real estate transactions don’t happen within a single customer interaction.

As a real estate operator, you might be required to lead the prospect through multiple sales funnel stages to lead to the final sales conversion.

For example, Let’s explain this based on the perspective of a customer.

At the initial stage, the perspective interest gets spiked by a Facebook ad advertising an affordable home in a specific location. At this stage, the prospect is unlikely to finish a purchase as buying a real estate property requisite serious investment.

A sales funnel system enables you to nourish and ignite this interest into an actual purchase.

Kapture’s CRM tool for Real estate comes with a functional and easily implemented sales funnel.

Within a sales funnel, you can segregate all the available prospects into specific customer pools. This helps you to zero-in on the interests of your prospects and send targeted messages to generate more sales conversions.


Most customers secretly want to hear more from their prospective businesses. At the same time, sending non-correspondence emails or phone calls is the easiest way to get your contact profiles getting flagged as spam by service providers.

In this situation, the real estate firms need to learn to send targeted emails to prospective customers.

The CRM for real estate allows you to send targeted E-mail/SMS messages to a pool of target audience. This will help you increase engagement and conversions across the selected audience pool.


Another prime selling point of Kapture is its flawless record-keeping system. Real estate demands comprehensive records of all the vital information without which the entire mechanism fails.

Kapture CRM comes with an inbuilt data management system ‘ Kapdrive‘. This helps you compile the available information for quick access during client prospecting.


Today, the real estate business is ultra-competitive. In order to succeed, the realtor should be well-equipped with the right tools and methodologies.

A CRM tool for real estate combines the best features and workflows to achieve maximum efficacy for given time and energy. Let’s discuss making your real estate business more proficient with a 1:1 discussion about implementing a CRM solution for your business.

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