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Real estate CRM platform that ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers. Manage follow ups, site visits, project plans, marketing campaigns with a specialty CRM for realtors. Organise your real estate campaigns and bring order into daily property visits. Be available on multiple real estate platforms. Kapture's real estate software is the right solution for your agency’s helpdesk.

Online Channels

View all your online lead sources through website, landing pages and third party website portals and auto-assign them to sales team based on projects, location, budget and other such rules.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Integrate Call, Chat, Email, Mobile app

Your call center or desk can view leads coming from multiple communications points on one system and view past interaction with the potential customer.

Campaign Management

Capture leads from your various marketing campaigns whether online ads or offline TV, Print, Radio. View, assign and follow up leads based on location, sales agent availability. Send emailers through dashboard and automate your follow ups. Send automated SMS and create your own templates.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Site Visit Planner

System will plan your daily calendar based on leads assigned to you and inform your clients accordingly about their scheduled site visit. Auto SMS and emails can be sent with real time updates to you on Kapture mobile app. Transport with pick up and drop can be configured if needed.

Channel Management & Brokers

Manage commission structure, leads through brokers and other real estate companies. Get instant notification if a broker or agent arranges a client visit or gets a lead. Monitor quality and also conversions through your partners.

Customer and Payment History

Frequently Asked Questions.


What Is Real Estate Management Software?


A real estate CRM is a unique solution designed for real estate agencies and property agents.

It’s an end-to-end software that agents use to manage property leads, automate daily booking operations, for project management, as well as for generating intelligent reports that provide insight.

All of this fits perfectly into a real estate mobile CRM which brokers, agents, and property managers can use to automate and manage the business from locations other than the office.


Why Is Real Estate CRM Software Important for the Real Estate Industry.


A crm for real estate agents is important because it serves as a centralized solution to connect multiple touch points present in real estate.

Client meetings are frequent and you can’t afford to miss on them. Without a system for tracking them in real time, property managers waste precious time following-up on phone calls.

Real estate collaterals need to be shared within the team as well as with clients you interact with every day. A real estate CRM enables one-click collateral sharing from your mobile app so that you don’t have to juggle with files and sheets.


Benefits of Real Estate Software:


A crm for real estate agents is a beneficial piece of software since property agents who regularly visit sites and meeting with clients can be tracked by property managers.

Real estate crm solutions bring balance to multiple processes in the real estate industry that have been largely mismanaged. Bookings, payments, sales, etc. can be unified leading to well organised real estate operations.

Real estate companies regularly interact with brokers and channel partners. A real estate software improves connectivity between these various touch points.


Features of Real Estate CRM.


he best crm for real estate will have the following features:

A daily plan calendar which real estate agents and site managers can collaborate on through a mobile real estate crm app.

A graphical view of real estate projects and status for each including availability, bookings, etc.

Reporting and analytics functionalities that will allow you to track and analyse your team’s performance and determine how it impacts ROI.

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