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CRM Software for E-Commerce: Let’s Talk About Online Customer Service

Today, the e-commerce business is tough and complicated. In this situation, you should start to wonder.

Is an e-commerce CRM solution really a game-changer?

If you are in the E-commerce business, your primary objective should be to achieve higher traffic and more purchases. And, this is more than enough to make your head spin. Besides, you have to deal with thousands of issues related to shipping, delivery, product return, customer queries, product disputes, so on and so forth.

In this place, an e-commerce CRM System enables you to effectively manage these different responsibilities and eliminate margins of error at the same time.

Customer expectation has increased dramatically in the past decade. We are now in the power era of consumers. Today customers have hundreds of options available online. 36% of online customers spend more than 30 minutes deliberating before a purchase.

You can reasonably assume that this time is spent at making comparisons about your product and price with your competitors. Considering this, the customers are positioned to decide which company will thrive and which one will bite the dust in the market melee.


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What’s the role of E-commerce CRM software?

CRM software helps you build and maintain strong customer relationships. It enables you to manage your customer orders as well as respond to your customer inquiries. This enables you to recognize and treat your customers as the most significant asset of your online business.

crm in e commerce

Now let’s see how e-commerce CRM software helps you improve your online business operations.


Manage omnichannel conversations

Today, the customer can refer to carry out a conversation through any of the numbers of online-offline channels.

For example, a customer is more likely to raise a query at your Facebook wall than more traditional mediums such as email or phone calls.

An e-commerce enterprise is more likely to have customer conversations through these different channels.

  1. Facebook wall posts
  2. Facebook chat
  3. Twitter
  4. Website chat

As an e-commerce enterprise, you should be able to entertain and support these diverse means of inbound customer interaction channels. You also bound to handle live conversations with your customers.

An e-commerce helpdesk software needs to combine all these different inbound channels.

Further, this will help you increase the quality of customer interactions and provide more value to the customers.

By this way, the e-commerce helpdesk software can decidedly play an important role in your overall customer experience.


Automate capturing data to understand your customers

By integrating a CRM platform, you can record and structure all sources of customer information. This includes purchase history, preferences, geography, etc.

An E-commerce CRM can help you maintain this dynamic data that relates to all consumers. This includes address, phone numbers, purchases, delivery data, and mode of payment, refunds, and many others. A CRM makes it easy to reply over any customer queries on shipping, delivery, and product return.

CRM can greatly improve your efforts to manage customer data, once they have signed up, ordered, or bought from the site. With solutions like notifications, discount alerts, and updates for order tracking and shipping – you can see how to bulk text messaging has a place in the CRM system.

It’s possible to record all the updates of interaction with customers. So, customer service executives can track the inquiry or instantly catch up with any customer communication.


Measure and improve the NPS score

Most businesses measure their website popularity through a metric known as NPS or net promoter score. The NPS score is one of the most critical metrics when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction and referrals.

CRM Software For Online Customer ServiceA helpdesk software will help you automate measuring and recording the NPS after each customer interaction. By this means, you can aggregate the NPS scores across all the different customer interactions.

This will help you make informed decisions to gain a higher NPS score and derive better customer satisfaction.


Build and improve on customer segmentation

A successful e-commerce business needs to build an in-depth understanding of its customers. This is achieved through smart customer segmentation.

Well, let me explain.

For a running business, all its customers aren’t alike. In order to understand customers, the business needs to build segments of its customers.

As we saw earlier, e-commerce CRM software helps you automate storing information about previous customer interactions and conversations. This will allow you to build informed segments of your customer.


leverage different shopping channels through easy API integrations

If you are an e-commerce seller, you might be already aware that the online ecosystem offers a number of selling opportunities. You can have a dedicated Shopify store and a normal WordPress-built shopping website. Other than that, you might try to utilize the visibility through Facebook shops or Google micro-website.

Having to acquire and manage orders through these different shopping channels can quickly turn into a headache.

An e-commerce CRM solution lets you integrate multiple shopping carts within a single CRM solution.

ecommerce customer service software

This helps you accelerate and streamline your overall order management within a single platform.


Live Chat Facility with CRM Software

Sometimes product descriptions are not enough to convince the customer to make a purchase. 57% of the visitors reported abandoning a site due to a lack of information. While 88% of customers said that a live chat facility made their digital experience better.

A live chat option helps you harness the initial interest into a definite purchase. This includes an instant response to customer queries and thus reduces the exit rate of traffic. You will also be able to make more appealing product suggestions to the target audience.


Personalized Offers Based on Buying History

Now, what is personalization? People generally use this term while giving people a customized shopping experience based on their buying behavior, interest zone, demographics, and psychographics.

CRM software helps you gather valuable information about customers’ buying history so that you can understand their interest areas. By tracking the purchasing pattern, the source through which they entered, and how many times they have entered, you can offer shoppers personalized discounts, suggestions, and deals.

customer relationship management in ecommerce

For example, consider that you have a grocery shopper, who frequently purchases fruits. By segmenting a personalized email that advertises new stocks or product discounts, you can instantly increase the response rates.

Similarly, you can suggest newly released thriller books by sending personalized mail to a thriller lover. An online book store can advertise a personalized discount on Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, which could potentially inspire him/her to make the purchase.

If you know a repeat visitor has checked a particular product/service, you can entice further action by presenting a voucher or discount coupon to enhance loyalty.

According to a survey conducted by Experian, 61% of brands are now using the personalized experience to build customer loyalty.


Initiate After-sales Customer Engagement

Customer retention is a vital component of after-sales service. With all the required information available on your fingertips, you can provide better service after-sales. You can now not only address shopper concerns regarding orders, product information, and inventory but also increase sales by recommending products to your customers.

Online Customer Service Software

Increase Sales Opportunities and Maximize Revenue

A CRM benefits you by creating a dynamic online catalogue and initiating direct customer interaction. Let’s see how Customer Relationship Management software helps to reinforce online sales –

  • It simplifies the way of updating new products, models, prices, descriptions, discounts, and offers.
  • It leverages cross-selling promotions and up-selling opportunities.
  • Search faction enables visitors to search and find what they want – allows them to view products with certain features, like colour, size, style, and model.
  • It helps to increase loyalty that strengthens long term relationships with customers.
  • It provides a convenient platform to interact with the customer, resolves their queries, takes their feedback, and finally, gains their confidence.

CRM Software For Online Customers


In a competitive E-commerce market, CRM software could be your data goldmine. By collecting all feasible customer data, you can create a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers. This will give you the insight to increase your future sales opportunities. On the other hand, better communication and excellent customer support ensure better buyer incentives and long-term customer relationships. This also increases the probability of acquiring more first time customers.

At Kapture CRM, we provide custom-built e-commerce CRM solution that helps you leverage the maximum out of your existing traffic and online presence. The comprehensive process automation platform that caters to your online business requirements.

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