Sales Tracking Software

How CRM sales tracking system aligns your multiple sales objectives

Sales Tracking Software

Most organizations take their sales team to be one of their most important assets. But leveraging and achieving maximum utility from their sales team is a formidable challenge.

The sales tracking system lets you organize your entire physical movement and monetary activity around a unified platform. By simulating a platform sales management, you can efficiently manage conversations and transfer current status along the organizational chain.

What makes sales Tracking System?

CRM-based Sales tracking system connects each sales employee to the concerned management through a system of connected mobile app. This also facilitates seamless transition of messages through multiple platforms. You can also manage sales communications to reflect your business objectives.

By a sales tracking system, you can establish a streamlined communication platform connecting each filed employee through a centralized CRM system. Simultaneously, it also avails multiple parts of your organization to a central CRM system.

Simultaneously, a Mobile location tracker lets you instantly review, track and follow each sales employee location throughout the City.

Track Field Employee Location

According to field research, one of the frequent reasons for loosing prospects is failing to arrange meetings at a right time. In a fast paced decision making economy, it’s significant to meet and arrange meetings at the right time and spot.

Sales tracking software gives you a better alternative than just pushing employees to arrange a higher number of client and prospect meeting.

An android integrated sales tracking app reviews and reports your employee location across field terrain. By connecting to a mobile tracking app, you can plot the accurate location of each field employee. It involves arranging meetings and handling clients to agree on specific objectives.

Manage Field Communications

Commonly, the daily commitment of a field executive is string together based on a number of field meetings and concerned expectation. Often, this doesn’t leave room for communication or strategizing each client meeting.

This leads to situations of businesses failing to consistently communicate or bias your individual employees. Sales tracking software lets you initiate field communications through a single system.

Under this system, the concerned manager can oversee each due meeting on a single dashboard. It also avails details about precursor about meeting progress. This enables you to set pre-set objectives that need to be met and covered for each customer meeting.

This helps you set and achieve specific objectives with each client meetings while learning about a more nuanced approach to customer arrangement.

Increase the Number of Meetings

For most organizations, sales management requires fixing-up meetings and making timely phone calls. In case you are handing a field team, this translates to fixing up customer spots and managing deal making. Sometimes new meetings are arranged based on intuitiveness or direct customer approach.

All these mean that customer visits are limited to a pre-set time table. With a repeatable and productive step help you maximize the number of meetings.

It also lets you increase the number of customer visits and meetings.

In both these scenarios, you need better inter-channel communication and speedy decision making. In this, sales tracking could be the way to take your business forward.

Be Flexible and Resourceful with Client Meetings

Sometimes, employees enter meetings with rigid constraints and targets about perspective meetings. This presents a very limited reachable and communication outline about concerned project. Often, this can even limit up-selling and cross selling opportunities.

With combined Mobile location tracker and sales management, your team can report each turn and progress concerning your sales negotiation. This could be updated to a single dashboard. Further, these dashboard details could be updated to a concerned management interface. This helps you to arrange and consolidate meetings.

This situation leads to un-fulfilled meetings which will further depreciate the meeting count. It means that your sales team output could be depreciating for no particular reason of one’s own.


Most organizations consider sales as their most important business aspect. But most lack an end-to-end sales tracking and management system. CRM sales tracking provides a comprehensive platform to oversee progress along each sales channel.

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