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CRM Sales Forecasting Report

In a wildly undulating marketplace, making realistically accurate sales predictions is a tough challenge. With too many internal and external factors, your market evaluation could be easily misguided.

A CRM-based sales forecasting report allows you to comprehensively organize and make sense of multiple facets of your business.

With CRM, you could collect all relevant data streams that could invoke substantial predictions to give you a head-start in your sales activities.

Why Predictions frequently go astray?

If you are following any expert’s business predictions, you could be admonished by the number of false predictions. Are these experts truly making woeful mistakes or willfully trying to lead you astray?

Within the current market dynamics, considering a single facet is plainly inadequate and considering multiple facets makes it too complex. In this situation, even industry experts are likely to make frequent mistakes. Often, they end up considering too few or too many of the elements. In some other situations, they could have a biased understanding because of implication of particular datasets.

With sales CRM automation, you could bring improved efficiency and accuracy to your business activity. Meanwhile, this also provides active inputs to give right directions and improve on your ongoing business activities.

In-depth Data, Comprehensive Reports

Under most circumstances, the accuracy of reports is determined by the quality of data. If you are just considering two parameters, your end business perspective could also be limited. In other words, it limits your point of view of your business.

With increasing number of data sources, you could increase the number of reports generated, based on permutations and combinations of available data.

For example, let’s examine the scenario where you are trying to compare the number of inquiries generated based on individual product or service name.

product sales CRM dashboard

This bar graph plots product sales with respect to variations in demand. Afterwards, you could use the graph to focus on future sales.

This graph gives you programmatic insights to increase future product sales.

Manage Future Sales and Prospects

The CRM sales funnel categorization of prospects into hot, warm and cold. This graph allows you to segment and follow meeting patterns based on a perspective time table.

You could also instantly retrieve performance reports concerning each individual.

Sales CRM dashboard

With this, you can follow sales progress, on a lead-to-lead basis. You can also follow the progression of future prospects towards the desired outputs.

Get Accurate Marketing Performance Reports

It could be reasonably stated that final sales is the cumulative result of the performance of your leads.

With CRM-based lead and marketing reports, you could retrieve a list of leads and marketing opportunities available at any point of time.

CRM-based lead and marketing reports CRM-based lead and marketing reports

Further, the performance of each of these leads upon processing could be retrieved, segmented and represented.

Lead and marketing reports

The CRM sales forecasting allows you to take informed decisions upon confusing daily scenarios and conflicting long-term strategy. Learn more CRM Sales Forecasting, Contact us @ +91 7899887755 or You could also sign-up for a demo of our CRM product features or initiate a 30 day no credit card free CRM trial!

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