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Four Steely CRM Features to motivate and bond your sales Team together?

CRM Features

With any experience in actual sales, you will know that sales activity for an organization actually resembles more to a marathon than a 100 meter dash to finish line. If your team members end-up spending all their emotional reserve and energy at start, going forward may suddenly get exhausting and taxing.

A sales team requires a steady stream of motivation and directives to succeed in long-term. With CRM, your team could maintain the right perspective and resolution to achieve long-term success.

These five strong CRM features will make the life of your sales person much easier and manageable.

1. Common Cloud Information Repository

Cloud information repository allows employees to store and share knowledge among team-members.
In most situations, sales performances are achieved by the team rather than individuals.

If an individual could occasionally bring-in large accounts, successful teams would be able to collectively outdo and outnumber their performance. For this, organizations should direct their efforts to build a well-bonded sales team.
With CRM cloud database, all sales professionals can collect, store and share their knowledge on a common server. You could also update successful sales tips and experiences, allowing your team to be more equipped for managing novel situations.

2. Live Performance Reports

With CRM performance reports, you could instantly detect and reward your best performing employees. This feature collects and presents all employee stats on a unified CRM dashboard.

Here, any particular employee can update daily progress through a mobile CRM app. All these information gets updated on the sales dashboard, which practically transforms into a sales scorecard.

By maintaining a sales scorecard, you could motivate each personal to keep-up with his best performance. Further, you could use this strategy to access and motivate the profit-seeking mentality of concerned sales representatives.

3. Daily sales Reports and Reminders (DSR)

It’s no secret that successful sales mangers think that carrots-only approach is not always viable. Occasionally they resort to the usage of stern measures to resolve jeopardy and stagnation in sales.

With Mobile CRM, all sales persons could send reports to the concerned manager. With a closed two-way communication platform, your managers can issue stern messages and unflattering opinions about sales reports.

4. Ticketing and Issue Resolution

Ticket management system is another realization of the concept of stick in your daily sales management. Here, the concerned manger can issue tickets for immediate sales meetings or allocate client requirements to a concerned representative.

It also connects sales representatives with your entire team and organization vertical. This in-turn allows easy communications and adds momentum to your team building efforts.

By applying right features at right situation, CRM could motivate and bond your sales team together.

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