Kapture CRM Inventory management

Inventory management software – basic features to look for

Kapture CRM Inventory management

Inventory management is fairly simple and categorized, but equally difficult to manage. From a Fortune 500 company, to your local grocery store, inventory management is required by everyone. You have to be co-coordinating and managing your stocks 24×7 and constantly juggling client calls in order to maintain stocks of your products.

There are many problems that you face in inventory management on a daily basis. There is one solution which will make your life absolutely easy and relaxed- a CRM software !

You won’t need to look anywhere else because it will take care of everything from your streamlined stock data to billing and accounts. There are endless features of the CRM used for inventory management, but here are a few highlights :

1) Real time stock data :

In the CRM software you can monitor the central database, which provides you with the exact count of the products in your inventories, across all the locations. This database helps you in keeping track of your inventory on a real time basis. It also gives you a notification when you are low on stocks in general or in a particular location.

2) User Customization :

The CRM software is very user-friendly and can be customized according to the user’s requirements, for them to get acquainted to it and procure best results. The CRM software also integrates seamlessly with the current system so that you don’t lose any data or time with the operations and any on-going or active processes.

3) GPS tracking :

As the CRM software is available in the computers, as well as in the mobile phones, it becomes very convenient to track employees, their meetings and client logs as well as the orders which are dispatched, with the help of GPS. You can track your stores, transportation, delivery and territories over the mobile.

4) Accounting & Billing :

The CRM software is also synchronized with the accounts and billing features, which enables you to feed in the product taxes that can be different for different products. The CRM software is absolutely secure, very efficient and user-friendly as an interface. As the CRM software is cloud based you don’t need to worry about the safety, security and the data storage! You can store unlimited data and retrieve it or use it whenever need, as the cloud platform enables the data to be accessible anywhere and everywhere.

So with the CRM software you can handle any inventory without any problems. It helps you with the whole managing process with the touch of a finger and helps you streamline your stocks.

The more efficient a business is with keeping accurate data and real time updates of their inventories, the simpler and faster their operation and transaction processes get. In simpler terms, CRM can help your business keep track of inventories, with respect to quantity, time, delivery and various other factors; the more detailed your CRM updates are, the faster it helps in reducing your business’s turn-around time.

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