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How to create a Smarter on Field Sales Team workflow with CRM software?

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Even under the onslaught of online sales, the face-to-face sales activities are alive and well in place. According to reputed studies, direct sales interactions still account for as much as one quarter of the total revenue.
But still, most of the on field sales teams continue to rely on their traditional means of managing outdoor field activities such as mobile and meeting arrangement on a first-on basis.

This puts the concerned sales managers at the risk of losing sight of the sales activities. At the end of the day, the role of managers could be just limited to extracting finance and order statements. Finally, you are liable to just have a partially complete picture that excludes store visits, store performance etc.This partial picture can have an incriminating effect on your overall sales performances.

Challenges in creating an effective Workflow for the on Field team

First of all, let’s look into the challenges faced by field teams at managing a standard workflow.Consider that a concerned field person gives his or her best on the occasion of every customer visit. By the simple law of mathematics, this requires the concerned sales teams to realize the maximum number of customer visits within a day. One should also mark enough time to be spent with every prospect. In addition, there are demands of punctuality and transit difficulties that restrict every meeting.

It’s practically really hard to arrange consecutive prospect meetings. If you are random at setting meetings, it’s inevitable that you will face conflicts of intersection between field members at realizing the requisite meetings.
You also need to ensure that each prospect is getting attended in a timely fashion, without being too frequent or few on the calendar. In other words, it’s a big challenge to arrange these desired meetings within the restrictions.

How to Create and Manage a Spot-on Beat Plan

As obvious it is, the traditional ways of managing field outings are limiting and inefficient. With the number of retail stores continually increasing or fluctuating, you can easily end-up under utilizing or over-pressurizing your field team. It may often end-up with unfulfilled meetings or unplanned store visits.

This situation could be resolved through setting-up and managing definite beat plans. This gets you closer to the most optimal way of managing field visits within a given set of enumerated store locations.

In the creation of field beat plans, you are combining the adjoining stores within a specific locality. This allows you to string together a number of meetings that leverage maximum number of store visits.

Plan and streamline visitation Flow

A beat plan consists of an all-inclusive trip that includes paying visit to a pre-defined set of customer spots. As the individual beat plans are constructed with due consideration, it helps you manage your transit plans in the most optimal fashion.

Kapture CRM lets you create an individual beat plan stringing together a number of stores or customer points.
For each beat plan, you can include various parameters such as visit frequency, date of visits, assign responsible sales person, specific responsibilities, accompanies etc.

By addressing the different factors, you can create an all inclusive plan of managing customer visits. By this process, you can combine several adjoining meetings and visitations to produce maximum store visibility.

Series of Beat plans to manage all the Customers

One of the biggest benefits of a beat plan is that it lets you build a routine for customer visits. It allows you to visit each customer the exact number of times that will maximize your revenue.

You need to visit your retailers in a periodic fashion to achieve maximum retail exposure.

By maintaining a beat plan approach, you can create separate beat plans according to customer geography or stock orders. As a follow-up process, you can assign each beat plan to the concerned employee.

This ensures that each selling point gets visited on a consistent basis within a given time scale. In short time, you can create a systematic routine for managing complete customer visitation plan.

By maintaining a beat plan approach, you can reach and communicate with maximum number of retail users.

Integrated CRM Communications to save time

As you may be aware, the on field teams usually need to go from one place to another. This means frequent mobile tower transfers that reduces the clarity and reliability. Also, telephonic conversation takes much more time to furnish a simple message. These will turn Mobile into an unfavorable platform for business communication.

A Mobile CRM provides you a healthy and time conscious way of managing your operations. By means of ticket, you can assign tasks, allocate meetings or send the requisite information concerning a client meeting.

This also allows you to maintain lengthy threads for each client meetings. It will help you save valuable time on the field and avoid possible mistakes.


You should be able to meet maximum number of customers and increase your order volume to expand your business. A CRM-based beat plan lets you iterate and strategize customer visits to its better fulfillment.

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