Monitoring campaigns through CRM

Benefits and hardships of simultaneously running multiple campaigns

Monitoring campaigns through CRM
Campaigns are a very important part of a marketing strategy. They are capable of attracting the target audience and making a long-lasting, high-impact impression on them. It is often considered by business experts to be the best way to interact with customers and get the organization to ‘stand out in the crowd’ amongst its growing number of competitors.

Multitasking is an amazing talent, and it works well in business too. Effective marketing is a result of multitasking on various active campaigns. Modern day businesses follow this method of effective marketing to gain the maximum lead flow and conversion rate.

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Marketing campaigns work well if they reach the target audience through the right channels. The campaigns should be effective, personalized, efficient and must deliver on the business’ marketing ROI targets. The campaigning paradigm is swiftly and surely changing in the modern times. Businesses are now beginning to wonder if juggling multiple marketing campaigns at once could intensify their effects.

Running multiple marketing campaigns is gaining momentum in the recent years. Agents work efficiently while handling multiple campaigns, which is one of the major benefits for a business organization.

There are a number of marketing channels that are available to a business, and each of them is unique. One could face both benefits and hardships while simultaneously running these campaigns.

Benefits of juggling multiple campaigns simultaneously

  • Well-planned multiple campaigns can work out to be cost-effective and aligned with the ROI.
  • Appropriately channeled and targeted campaigns work efficiently and save a lot of time.
  • Well-trained and skilled employees can tap a potential lead source by running multiple campaigns simultaneously.
  • CRM software can be used to handle multiple campaigns with much ease. For example, a campaign management mobile app for real estate is an all-in-one platform for real estate that helps in managing campaigns across search, social and mobile ad networks from a single interface.
  • If meticulously planned, the campaigns can reach the target audience and heighten marketing activity.
  • Right-channeling and cross-channel approach works wonders while handling multiple marketing campaigns. Adopting CRM ensures that every channel is seamlessly integrated and each customer receives the most relevant information.

Hardships of running multiple campaigns

  • Campaigns must be based on the goals of the organization and must have clear aims. A campaign must be well researched and properly planned. Many campaigns get off to a great start and then fizzle out because of bad planning.
  • A campaign can bomb simply because it does not suit the product or reach the target audience.
  • An unskilled employee could easily mess up while multitasking.
  • Wrong channeling can misfire; in other words, high-cost channels are reserved for high-value customers, and vice versa. Right channeling practices allow marketers to align their campaigns well with the ROI.
  • Campaigns invested in without good planning or research will not satisfy the ROI. In short, if marketers choose the wrong system for their needs, they risk lacking functionality and having high development and operating costs.
  • Handling multiple campaigns simultaneously can stress an employee.
  • Different campaigns require different metrics and data. A CRM allows you to customize and organize different tasks so you can work on multiple campaigns simultaneously and seamlessly.

While there are a number of challenges to running multiple campaigns successfully, tech-savvy marketers can overcome these obstacles by employing CRM productivity tools, real-time marketing and right channeling that promise a great sales performance.

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