Airline Management CRM

Airline Management Solution – Increase Bookings and Cut Down Cost of Acquisition by 30%

Kapture Airlines Solution gives the industry a customized flight booking platform and user experience to help increase bookings, reduce technology costs, and create an efficiency layer between their current Passenger Service System (PSS) and native channels.

Some of the features of an Airline CRM include;

• PSS Integration
• Live Data Access
• Customize UI/UX

How Does it Help?

Overcome High Technology Cost

Typically Passenger system services (PSS) platforms charge per message hits or API calls. This results into an overall very high technology cost for the Airlines. With the Kapture CRM platform in between as a layer, you can minimize costs by 30%. This is done by adding an additional custom layer between PSS and booking channels.

Customize UI/UX

The customized UI/UX design creates conversion-focused booking templates that have the flexibility of being customized with your brand tone and customer journey on the website. The benefit of this feature is the fact that you’re free to design the templates that you see the best results from instead of being chained to the preexisting templates of a traditional Passenger Service System.

Live Data Access

The minute new data gets captured into the system via website form or 3rd- party booking engines, your Airline management system gets automatically updated helping you plan effective marketing campaigns and consumer-focused special offers.


PSS Integration

The software can be easily integrated into an Airline’s existing PSS through a custom layer. If the airline is using any 3rd- party system, Airline CRM can be integrated into those as well.

Cache Technology

Every second that a consumer spends on your website is a second, he is looking for solutions. A custom cache solution you can offer your visitors custom fare options that the users can use to book tickets from your website directly.

Custom Booking Flow

The workflow of the booking engine can be customized to suit the buying behavior of smartphone users helping you maximize customer ratio through conversion focused UI and UX.

Create Custom Package

Have the flexibility to float promotional offers from the backend. Get real-time market insights and take informed decisions on which packages to push more.

Call Center Management

Manage your support teams across multiple locations with the help of Kapture’s Omnichannel Support platform. Integrate your call center helpline, chat, and email support into one single system.

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